Netflix’s new real crime documentary has people shocked


Our Father, Netflix’s next original series, seems like a crazy ride.

Netflix's new real crime documentary has people shocked

This year, Netflix has had a streak of successes with real crime documentaries, but the most disturbing yet may be its newest offering. It’s called “Our Father,” and it’ll be available on Netflix next month, but a teaser trailer was released earlier this week, and it’s already gotten the attention of many viewers.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Donald Cline, a former fertility specialist, unlawfully artificially inseminated his sperm into the bodies of dozens of women, fathering more than 50 children. The incident originally emerged in 2015, and it’s easy to see why it was converted into a documentary given how horrific it is.


A two-minute teaser for the film, which will premiere on Netflix on May 11, has already caught social media by storm. A new character named Jacoba Ballard appears in the trailer, and we learn that she was the first person to realise that Cline was her biological father. When Ballard found she had more and more half-siblings, the horrific reality rapidly became clear.

The emphasis of the film will be on Ballard and her half-siblings’ discovery of Cline’s “sick experiment” and the subsequent discovery of further victims. The insufficient legal mechanisms that made prosecuting Cline more difficult than you would expect will also be examined.

We can safely assume that Netflix users are looking forwards to this one. Astonishment and disbelief have been expressed on social media after the release of the first image of Our Father. Netflix seems to have everything it needs to create the next big real crime blockbuster, like Bad Vegan and The Tinder Swindler.


For the time being, Netflix is content that social media is buzzing about Our Father instead of the company’s first subscription drop in a decade. Netflix is going through a rough patch right now, what with price increases and underwhelming content, but if it can keep churning out documentaries like Our Father, we’re certain that it will be able to keep its audience happy.


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