first look at Sonic Prime: everything we know so far


It seems that Eggman is a character in the Netflix series Sonic Prime.

(Image credit: Netflix)

Sonic Prime, the upcoming Netflix animated series featuring Sonic the Hedgehog, has received a few more teaser tidbits from Netflix. Immediately after a leak from Netflix, the streaming provider confirmed the series and put a release date on it. And the photographs seen above and below are the first images of Netflix’s Sonic.

There’s no word yet on whether or not this series will have any connection to the current Sonic the Hedgehog film. What’s more probable is something that’s both family-friendly and a hit with fans.


WildBrain (owner of brands such as Teletubbies, Degrassi, and Yo Gabba Gabba!) and Man Of Action Entertainment (Ben 10, Big Hero 6) have been linked to the project, according to Netflix’s Sonic Prime announcement. Man Of Action Entertainment is most known for its work on Big Hero 6.

Our findings so far and our expectations for the future are listed below:

a first glimpse at Sonic Prime

These are the first official photographs of Sonic Prime that Netflix has released. With the mono-eye design and large spikes, this seems to be a classic take on the blue speedster.


Green Hill Zone may be seen in the distance.

Release date of Sonic Prime

The premiere date of Sonic Prime 2022 has been revealed by Netflix. The movie had no name back then.

WildBrain released a press release stating that Sonic Prime would run for 24 episodes. There’s no word yet on whether or not Netflix will order a second season of this as a stand-alone production.


Sonic Prime logo

The Sonic Prime logo was tweeted out by Netflix. When we look at the Sonic Prime logo, we see broken gold, which makes us question about the condition of Sonic’s gold rings. The word Sonic appears as a blue blur, as we’ve come to expect from Sonic.

(Image credit: WildBrain/Netflix/Sega)

In a since-deleted tweet from the @NXOnNetflix account (caught by the amazing @Wario64), we first learnt about the upcoming Sonic Netflix series.

On April 8, 2022, the second full-length Sonic movie will be released.

The cast and characters of Sonic Prime

Netflix and Man of Action haven’t provided much information about the show. We can be certain that Sonic Prime will be joined by Sonic. That much is certain. However, we have strong evidence that a second character is involved.

During the May 27 broadcast of Sonic Central, Joe Kelly from Man of Action made a reference to Robotnik, indicating to an image behind him. Below is a picture that resembles a well-known moustachioed bald guy.


Roger Craig Smith, who has voiced the character since 2010 in a variety of mediums, seems to be out of the picture. When Smith tweeted a shattered blue heart in January 2021, he included the following message: “The last decade has been an incredible experience for me. Onward and upward! “implying that he was about to go. “Thank you Roger for everything you’ve done for Sonic,” Sega said in a follow-up tweet.

Sonic the Hedgehog story

image via netflix

Apparently, we’ll be travelling across time and space. Sonic Prime is expected to be a game “The destiny of a bizarre new cosmos is in his gloved hands in this high-speed adventure. Self-discovery and atonement are at the heart of Sonic’s quest, which goes beyond the race to rescue the universe.”

A unique and enigmatic other universe has been revealed to be the setting of Sonic’s quest, disclosed during the Sonic Central webcast on May 27.


In the press release, it states that “Sonic Prime aspires to engage the imaginations of audiences aged six to 11,” which is the target demographic for the programme.

Sonic the Hedgehog trailer

It’s not like we have a trailer (yet). Since the game’s release date is set for 2022, we’re crossing our fingers that an opportunity will arise as early as the most likely all-virtual E3 in June of 2021.


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