Google Pixel Fold screen rumour suggests it might compete with Samsung foldable


Rumored Google Pixel Fold displays may be different sizes than the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s.

(Image source: Waqar Khan)

The long-rumored foldable phone from Google has been on and off again in the smartphone rumour mill. However, the current opinion is that it is very much on again. In fact, a well-connected insider recently revealed some intriguing details regarding the Pixel Fold’s anticipated display lineup.

Google’s attempt at a foldable seems to be drawing influence from two very distinct gadgets. Speculation has emerged that the Pixel Fold’s internal folding display will be the same size as Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold display. The Oppo Find N’s cover display, on the other hand, is expected to be more similar.


The CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, Ross Young, has said as much. He is well-known for spreading false information about screen sizes and panel suppliers. Young says on Twitter that the “Z Fold 4 and Google foldable will have comparable sized folding screens” in a message promoting an upcoming DSSC conference.

To put it another way, a 7.6-inch display would put the Pixel Fold in the running. It seems that Samsung will stick with the same screen size for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 when it launches in the second half of 2022, if rumours are to be believed. According to prior speculations, Google’s phone would sport a 7.6-inch primary display.

The 6.2-inch cover display on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 allows customers to use the phone without opening it. However, Young predicts that the Pixel Fold’s cover panel will be “quite a bit smaller at 5.8 [inches],” so don’t hold your breath.


According to Young, “This should suggest that it will have a larger aspect ratio than the Samsung 6.19[-inch] Fold 4.”

To put it another way: if the Pixel Fold has a 5.9-inch cover screen, then its external display will be the same. If Oppo’s folding phone is any indication, it will rival the Galaxy Z Fold 3 for the title of best foldable phone. That would be OK with us. Unfortunately, the Oppo Find N cannot be purchased outside of China, which is a major drawback for the company.

When the Pixel Fold does come out, it is expected to be widely available. A further tweet from Young said that the Google foldable will be out in the last three months of 2022. The Pixel Fold is anticipated to be unveiled at the same time as the Pixel 7 during Google’s autumn launch event.


While Google’s foldable Pixel 6 phone was rumoured to be on the verge of being released last autumn, it didn’t materialise. With Android 12.1 tweaking the software for tablets and large-screen smartphones, it’s evident that Google is interested in foldable devices. Watch out for any new Pixel Fold rumours to see how serious Google is about the project.

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