BMW stop using Apple CarPlay in its vehicles


There will be a delay in enabling CarPlay functionality for new BMW owners until a software update is released in June as a result of the ongoing worldwide semiconductor problem.

The automobile sector is one of the worst hit by the worldwide chip shortage, which is generating issues across a wide range of industries. BMW has temporarily stopped supporting Apple’s in-car platform because of a change in supplier as a result of the shortfall.

An upgrade to the chips used in the information system of BMW’s automobiles may one day allow it to be completely compatible with Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto, according to Automotive News Europe.


In order to completely work and enable Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and Wi-Fi functionality, the processors placed into these vehicles during the first four months of this year need updated software, according to an announcement from BMW. By the end of June, at the earliest, an over-the-air update will be available to reactivate support.

Cars having “6P1” as part of their manufacture code will not be impacted by CarPlay, according to BMW. Customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain have complained about not being able to use Apple CarPlay after purchasing a BMW, however the automaker did not specify which regions would be affected.

When BMW originally introduced CarPlay in 2016, it was a free add-on to certain models. However, in 2018, the firm planned to charge a monthly fee for the service, but then changed its mind the next year. Also early adopters of Apple’s latest technology, BMW is among those that have supported Apple’s CarKey, which was introduced in 2012.


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