Apple tipped to rename iTunes Pass in iOS 15.5 to Wallet Pass


Apple is rebranding its iTunes Pass and making some changes to the way it operates.

image credits: iMore

The iTunes Pass now stored in the Wallet app might be renamed in Apple’s next iOS 15.5 release. As soon as iOS 15.5 is released to the public, the new name is expected to be Apple Account Card.

Today, Apple released the first beta version of iOS 15.5 to developers; however, one change appears to anticipate a larger one that will be implemented later this year. According to 9to5Mac, a new Apple Account Card has been found in iOS internal files, replacing the iTunes Pass card.


A QR code on the current iTunes Pass card allows you to utilise your App Store and iTunes credit to purchase things in Apple Stores. The new Apple Account Card looks and behaves more like an Apple Card and may be used in the same way as any other Apple Pay-enabled credit or debit card.

iTunes Pass will be replaced with a new card named “Apple Account,” according to 9to5Mac’s analysis of the changes. Like the Apple Card and the Apple Cash card, this card will appear in the Wallet app. When purchasing at an Apple Store, the customer will be able to finish the transaction using Apple Pay instead of needing to present a QR Code.

Even for beta testers, Apple hasn’t activated the function, so it’s probable we’ll have to wait for it to be officially disclosed. iOS 15.5 could be the last time we see this, but if it doesn’t make it to the final version, then it isn’t even going to be in the first beta. In the next days and weeks, we’ll all be keeping a watch on upcoming betas and Apple’s Newsroom for further details.


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