Valve plans to increase Steam Deck shipping volume


Those who have booked a Steam Deck will begin receiving weekly emails from Valve informing them when further orders become available. Q2 reservation windows have not been modified or delayed, and the company is presently sending out the first round of emails to those customers.

Any of the three Steam Deck levels purchased now is expected to arrive in October, or maybe later. There will be tens of thousands produced in the first month, and hundreds of thousands in the second month, according to an interview with Lawrence Yang of Valve in February.


It may be a blessing in disguise that your Steam Deck has been delayed, as early reports have stated several problems. The gadget has received mixed reviews, with some saying it’s unusable for gaming while others claim it’s still a work in progress but has enormous promise. It’s all very first-gen, as you’d expect from the Steam Deck.

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