Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 tipped with this killer display upgrade


An improved outside display might be added to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.

image via android authority

If this rumour of an enhanced exterior display for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is correct, you may not have to flip it as often.

Ross Young, a display specialist and leaker, recently tweeted that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 would have a larger outside screen than the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which has a 1.9-inch display. Young does not provide a particular measurement, therefore we are unable to determine how much of a difference this increase in size truly makes for the time being.


Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 doesn’t have a completely functional outside display like the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s, but it does include a notification window that can be used as a camera viewfinder or to access media settings, like the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Yet even if you just use it for these specific purposes, it’s still too little to be useful when you’re checking what’s on it from afar.

Despite the fact that this improvement seems like a good thing, there are several things we’d want to see. One of the most pressing of them is an increase in the battery’s capacity, which is reported to be on the way. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 would be a near-perfect foldable if Samsung could correct this issue, add a second camera to the rear, and make the display crease less obvious. These final two items, on the other hand, have not been the subject of any rumours.

As far as we know, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will retain the power button’s side-mounted fingerprint sensor, which makes sense even though an under-display sensor is more in line with a standard Android flagship. In addition to the Z Flip 4’s current price of $999, rumours are circulating that Samsung is planning to decrease the price even more, making it the cheapest way to get into the foldable phone game.


If the last two years of foldable phone reveals are any indication, Samsung will let us know what’s in store for the next Galaxy Z phones in the late summer or autumn. The bigger Galaxy Z Fold 4 is likely to arrive at the same time as the smaller, lighter, and less expensive Galaxy Z Flip 4.


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