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Push-up technique made simple with this TikTok trick


And no, bending your knees isn’t required.

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No doubt about it; push-ups are one of the greatest workouts you can perform without weights for growing arm muscles. However, how effective are them if, like me, you can’t do one without bending your knees?

Although I’ve attempted and failed to accomplish complete push-ups for a long time, upper body strength has never been an issue for me as a runner. It would be wonderful if I could avoid lowering myself to my knees in an HIIT class when I return to the gym, so I set out to learn how to do a proper push-up. Learn how to perform push-ups like I did by reading on for a simple technique.


The resistance band trick for push-ups

I came upon Kara Lennon’s TikTok account when searching for tips on how to perfect a push-up. A resistance band is all that’s needed by the trainer to teach students how to do a proper push-up, according to this approach. Lennon’s resistance band is a little looping one, and we’ve selected some of the finest options for home workouts.

Placing the resistance bands over your upper arms, just above the elbow joint, is how you accomplish the “push-up hack”. Lie on your back with your arms wide apart and your shoulders packed over your elbows in the push-up position. Plank position: Straighten legs and work abs while keeping straight line from heels to head. Keeping a straight line from heels to head. Straighten your arms after bending them at the elbows and lowering your chest to the floor. With the resistance band, you can maintain your upper body weight while bending your elbows, making the push-up more manageable.

Is it a kind of dishonesty? Yes, but only to a degree. However, the resistance band may help you acquire appropriate technique and build the arm muscles required to do a push-up on your own, making it simpler.


Doing push-ups has what?

With just your own weight as resistance, push-ups are an efficient approach to increase upper-body strength. Push-ups target the triceps, pectorals, and shoulders when performed properly. In addition to working your back and abs, they may also help tone your whole body. Make sure to check out our instructions on how to execute a decent push-up if you’re experiencing any issues.

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