Pokémon GO Creator Niantic announcing ‘Peridot’ Augmented Reality Pet Game soon


Pokémon Go creators Niantic revealed this week that their next project, a virtual pet game dubbed “Peridot,” would go live soon for iOS devices. Niantic is also the firm behind the popular game.

Peridot is an iPhone app that lets users take care of, grow, and breed virtual pets. It’s like a modern-day Tamagotchi. The pets are referred to as “Peridots” or “Dots” in-game, and players are responsible for raising them from infancy forwards.

We must assist Peridots (also known as “Dots”), who have been dormant for millions of years, awaken to a world that is significantly different from the one in which they formerly roamed.


While on this journey, you’ll be able to grow your own Peridots. Taking care of these characters, from their infancy to maturity, will be a joy. You’ll be able to discover more about your new pals, form a close friendship with them, and cooperate with other players to create new species as you explore the planet together.

Care for your Peridot, take them out for walks, satisfy their needs, play video games, visit locations, and find hidden treasures across the globe. Take photographs and breed Peridot archetypes to unlock additional Peridot archetypes.

Peridot, like previous Niantic games, has a real-world component, featuring augmented reality pets that can be broadcast into the real world for walks and playtime.
During the testing time, Peridot will be tweaked and refined by Niantic. Those who are interested in learning more about Niantic may join up for the company’s email newsletter.


While Niantic is most well-known for its work on Pokémon Go, it has also worked on Ingress and the now-defunct Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game. On January 31, 2022, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite closed its doors for the last time.

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