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Netflix has cancelled its 100% Rotten Tomatoes Original series


One another Netflix original series has been cancelled, this time it’s The Babysitters Club.

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Do not become too invested in the Netflix Original series you are about to watch. Shows that don’t meet the streaming company’s standards will be cancelled before viewers get a satisfactory conclusion.

We’ve recently added The Baby-Sitters Club, a two-season series, to our list of cancelled television programmes for 2022.


Ann M. Martin’s universe has fascinated me since I was seven years old, and for two incredible seasons I got to be a part of it,” series creator Rachel Shuketer said in a statement shared with Variety.

“It was the fulfilment of a lifelong ambition. She stated, “Even though I am sorry not to be returning to Stoneybrook for another 20 seasons, I am so proud of the fantastic show our brilliant cast and crew developed and how it offered pleasure and comfort to so many when they needed it most.” It’s a great honour to have the chance to present Kristy, Claudia Stacey Mary Anne Dawn Jessi Mallory to a new generation of fans who I know will adore them as much as we do.

Netflix has a history of cancelling shows based on a purely financial assessment of how many people would watch and how long they will stay on the site.


With a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an 87 percent rating on Metacritic, The Baby-Sitters Club has received near unanimous acclaim as Gentefied before it. When Netflix’s algorithms are as much to blame as the quality of the script, acting, and cinematography, it’s a real shame that this film didn’t get a wider audience.

Strict adherence to deadlines might backfire

I have no doubt that Netflix uses sophisticated algorithms to determine which shows will be renewed for a fourth season and which will be cancelled. And certainly, it’s costly to produce new programmes, therefore there’s no space for deadwood. Netflix’s reputation for abruptly terminating series will only serve to hurt the service in the long run, in my opinion.

The Baby-Sitters Club was never on my radar, and I seldom let the Netflix recommendation engine direct my viewing choices. This approach results in shows that are perfectly adequate but lacking in originality; programmes that will keep me entertained but not compel me to share them with others. F is for Family was the final Netflix Original that I finished watching from start to finish, and in retrospect, I’m glad they let it continue for the full five seasons it deserved since it was a slow burner.


Even if the newest Netflix Original series received wonderful reviews from critics, would I watch it? Probably unlikely at this stage, since there’s simply too much risk of Netflix cancelling the series before it’s finished.

As a result, the corporation will be unable to discover the next worldwide megahit if that opinion becomes widespread. Netflix’s price rises become more difficult to justify because of this, which eventually affects the company’s bottom line.


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