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Luckily, Sony has already created the killer PS5 app for PSVR 2


In my opinion, I’m raring to go in virtual reality.

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In spite of the fact that PSVR 2 hasn’t yet been released, I’m confident that Sony has a virtual reality headset killer app in Gran Turismo 7.

I’ve been ripping up the circuits, passing licencing exams, and collecting vehicles like they’re going out of style ever since Polyphony Digital’s racing sim was released. My favourite modes, like Music Rally, which introduced me to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s ‘Hooked On Classics’ recordings, are the more relaxed ones.


GT7, on the other hand, is a compelling example of the PS5’s capabilities in action. You get a true sense that you’re in charge of the action thanks to the DualSense controller’s adjustable triggers and haptic feedback, and the game’s 3D soundtrack, which sounds incredible when the rain is pelting down all around you in a torrential downpour. If you haven’t already, give the PS5 DualSense a spin as a steering wheel utilising the Six-Axis gyro.)

Gran Turismo 7 is one of the greatest games I’ve played on the PS5 because of all of these factors working together to create a wonderfully immersive racing experience. But then it dawned on me: Sony has the ability to make it even better.

The time has come to buckle your seatbelts.

To that end, we provide PSVR 2. For Gran Turismo 7, I believe Sony’s next-generation virtual reality headset (supply difficulties allowing) might be a match made in heaven, and developer Polyphony has already shown this to be true.

(Image credit: Sony)

As a virtual reality enthusiast, I’d want to be able to experience what it’s like to be behind the wheel of some of the world’s most sought-after automobiles.

Because of the PS4’s modest power and the headset’s technological constraints, we already know that Sony has experimented with virtual reality in Gran Turismo previously – GT Sport did, after all, include PSVR compatibility. With just one AI opponent and a low-resolution display and reduced graphics, GT Sport’s generally excellent sights lost a lot of their brilliance because of the limitations.

The same is not true with PSVR 2 and GT7, though. Just as the PS5 is more powerful than the PS4, so too is PSVR 2’s high-end features, which include 4K resolution per eye and 120Hz refresh rate per eye, eye-tracking and a larger field of vision to keep you cool on the Nürburgring’s final stretch. With the new headset, you can even employ the built-in rumbling motor in a number of creative ways.


Check in with reality

Gran Turismo 7 could theoretically provide a fantastic virtual reality experience. But I also believe that making an existing PS5 title compatible with Sony’s new virtual reality headset, like Horizon Call of the Wild, has a better chance of enticing gamers to Sony’s new headgear.

(Image credit: Sony Computer Interactive Entertainment)

GT7 fans who want to take things to the next level will be more likely to buy PSVR 2 than those who have never played the game and are only able to experience it via the headset.

Sony’s best-selling IP ever, with over 80 million copies sold, is Gran Turismo. If the PSVR 2 is to be a success, the racing sim must have a wide audience.


Gran Turismo 7 has the potential to be the killer software for PSVR 2, and I hope Sony and Polyphony can work together to expand on the first steps taken in GT Sport to produce a really amazing virtual reality presentation. Everyone wants to feel like they’re driving a Bugatti Veyron or even a Willys Jeep, after all.

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