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Volkswagen ID.3 — Everything we know so far


It has been claimed that the Volkswagen ‘cheap’ electric vehicle can go 217 miles on one charge.

VW ID.3 cost and availability

With a starting price of £28,370 (about $39,000), the Pure Performance Volkswagen ID.3 is now available in two trim levels: the City and Style editions, which start at $32,470 (approximately $44,700).

The Pro, Pro Performance, and Pro S versions, all of which are currently available in the UK, will be joined by the additional varieties. With a starting price of £39,290 (about $54,000), the VW ID.3 Pro S Tour version has a 77kWh battery that provides 336 miles of driving range.


US customers will not be able to get their hands on VW’s new electric vehicle, the ID3. For the time being, American Volkswagen enthusiasts will have to make do with the ID.4 despite the fact that VW MEB technology is still expected to be used in a future EV on the other side of the Atlantic.


  • Release DateOut now (U.K.)
  • Price: From £28,370
  • Power: 1 motor, RWD
  • Battery Range: 217 miles
  • 0 to 60 mph: 7.1 seconds
  • Smarts: AR HUD, ID voice assistant

The VW ID.3 concept

All-electric five-door hatchback VW ID.3 has the ability to attract mainstream buyers. The automobile may have a better chance now that it’s less expensive. Even though it’s a little larger than a VW Golf, the design is functional; it has an appearance that readily competes with the Nissan Leaf or the more compact Renault Zoe.

(Image credit: Volkswagen)

The ID.3 is available from VW in six distinct metallic finishes, all of which include a sleek black top and trunk lid, adding an intriguing contrast to the design.


The VW ID.3’s sleek edge and minimal use of buttons continue the dramatic design concept. The VW ID.3’s digital dashboard and touch-sensitive controls give the impression that it’s ahead of its time, but drivers who aren’t as tech-savvy may find it challenging to get used to.

Vw ID.3 specifications

On-board features like rain-sensing wipers, adaptive cruise control, and front and rear parking sensors are all included in the entry-level VW ID.3 City despite its lower price tag. LED lighting and taillights, as well as electronic door mirrors and heated front seats and steering wheel, enhance the vehicle’s appearance.

An auto-dimming rearview mirror enhances the reasonable degree of driving convenience and safety. Lane keeping assistance, front collision warning, and pedestrian protection are all included as standard safety features.

(Image credit: Volkswagen)

Rear passengers will have access to two USB-C ports thanks to a 10-inch infotainment screen and wireless app connection. Also included in the lower-cost package is 10-color ambient lighting for the convenience of the occupants.

Several kerb appeal-enhancing features are included in the Style version of the other Pure Performance model.

IQ’s 18-inch ‘East Derry’ alloy wheels are the most noticeable modification

Between the VW emblem and the headlights, there is an illuminated light band. The look of the vehicle is completed with lighted door handles, dynamic LED taillights and tinted windows.

(Image credit: Volkswagen)

The number of ambient lighting colours has been increased to 30, and the boot floor may be adjusted to provide a wider range of storage choices. Keyless entry and two-zone temperature control are also included, which helps to explain the additional expense, although at the sacrifice of a few more miles on the range.

Charger for VW’s ID.3

Using a 7.2kW home charger, UK users should anticipate a full charge to take roughly nine hours. For those who have access to a 100kW CCS charging station, a 50% top-up may be completed in under 30 minutes.

The VW ID.3 takes around one hour to get from 10% to 80% charge on a 50kW public charging station.


the prognosis for VW id 3

After the massive emissions scandal and the departure of Volkswagen Group Chairman Herbert Diess in 2020, VW faces an uphill battle to rebuild confidence.

To make matters worse, the ID.3’s manufacturing troubles, software concerns, and delivery delays have already slowed down VW’s aim to construct no fewer than 50 electric vehicles.

However, although cheaper versions like the VW ID.3 City and Style models might redress the balance slightly, it’s not clear whether they can replace the lasting attraction of legendary vehicles like the Beetle and the Golf. Nonetheless, the introduction of more affordable electric vehicles with good range and performance is a step in the right direction toward a more electrified automobile industry.


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