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VW ID.6 price, range, specs, charging and more


All-electric VW ID.6 SUV, a Tesla Model X competitor, has been introduced by Volkswagen, although it seems to be just for the Chinese market at this time.

The ID.6 is based on the German automaker’s Modular Electric Drive Toolkit (MEB) — a platform that is utilised throughout the constantly increasing ID. range — and is the company’s largest EV to yet. Aside from the ID.6 Crozz and ID.6 X models, the SUV will be offered in a variety of other configurations, all centred on its spacious cabin, which may be its biggest selling feature in the long run.

Crozz and X versions of the ID.4 utilise the same naming scheme as the previous ID.4. The ID.6 will come in two and four-wheel drive configurations, with the more powerful variant having a maximum range of 365 miles. Until now, this is all we’ve got on the subject:


The release date and price of the Volkswagen ID.6

(Image credit: Volkswagen)

The Volkswagen ID.6 is currently geared at the Chinese market and will be manufactured in China as well. The FAW-Volkswagen factory in Foshan will build the VW ID.6 Crozz, while the SAIC Volkswagen facility in Anting will build the ID.6 X. The price is yet unknown, but it will be ready for purchase by the end of 2021 at the latest.

The design of the Volkswagen ID.6

There are two primary versions of the VW ID.6 based on the VW MEB platform.

You may start with the ID.6 Crozz, a moniker that’s only matched by its brilliant orange paint job. ID.6 X, on the other hand, has a bright purple exterior. In addition to their distinctive outward features, the interiors of the two vehicles will be completely different. You may choose from 19, 20, or 21-inch wheels no matter which option you choose.

(Image credit: Volkswagen)

As well as the vehicle’s exterior design, the massive SUV’s seating capacity for seven passengers and a 12-inch touchscreen entertainment system are also major selling points. Optional features include VW’s Hello ID voice control and augmented reality head-up display.

A big panoramic glass ceiling contributes to the sense of openness, while the general design seems to be ‘less is more.’ The panoramic roof may also be available in an open variant. An additional 30 cm is added to ID.6’s total length to accommodate those extra seats, making it significantly longer than the VW ID4.

The Volkswagen ID.6: Range and charging

VW ID.6 will have the same battery and powertrain configuration as previous ID models thanks to its use of the MEB platform. Additionally, it’s likely to have three distinct powertrains, with the most powerful having a 132kW single motor and the most powerful having a 150kW twin motor all-wheel-drive system known as 4MOTION, with a combined output of up to 225kW. With the latter, customers can expect to accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 6.6 seconds.


According to China’s NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) calculations, the range will be 271 or 365 miles, depending on the battery package you choose. Real-world application is likely to reveal a different reality. It is only available in the rear-wheel drive arrangement for the smaller model, but buyers who choose for the bigger battery will be able to choose between rear- or all-wheel drive and 300 horsepower of power. The storage capacity are almost identical to those of the VW ID.4 sport utility vehicle.

Volkswagen Identification Number (VIN) 6: Special characteristics

The VW ID.6’s major selling point is its generous inside capacity, which can accommodate up to six or seven passengers, depending on the variant you pick. The inside of the vehicle, which has a long wheelbase and a basic arrangement with Captain’s Chair seats and a lot of room, is obviously intriguing. The dashboard is dominated by a touchscreen, with just a few switches and buttons. The panoramic roof option adds to the sense of spaciousness.

(Image credit: Volkswagen)

The augmented reality head-up display (AR HUD) on the VW ID.6 is sure to appeal to many purchasers, as is the rest of the high-tech equipment in the vehicle. Volkswagen’s ID is also included. Intelligence and light. All of these technologies, including the most recent iteration of Travel Assist, contribute to the SUV’s overall usability, despite its ominous size and bulk.


Volkswagen Identification Number 6: Prospects

As far as we know, the VW ID.6 is only going to be sold in China for the time being. However, by 2023, VW aims on launching eight ID. models in China, with half of its cars sold there by 2030 expected to be electric-only.

ID.6 has a lot of promise for the US market, much as the seven-seat Mercedes-Benz EQB, which was also presented at the Shanghai motor show in 2021.

Since this car is built on the MEB platform, it’s likely that VW’s North American factory in Chattanooga may one day produce a version of it or something similar. Keep an eye out.


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