Valorant Mobile gameplay images just Leaked


For the first time, we can see Valorant Mobile in action thanks to a video that was leaked online. The best part is that it also looks fantastic.

Valorant Mobile’s port status has been kept under wraps since developer Riot Games revealed its ambitions last summer. Our first decent look at how hero shooter operates on mobile and what features were brought over from PC is this leak from the Chinese playtest.

YouTuber Pritykin has put together a video showing how the game is progressing, and it’s looking excellent. You can see how Valorant operates, how the visuals compare to the PC version, and how the user interface has been altered to accommodate a smaller mobile screen in the video below:


As opposed to the best-of-25 format used on PC, the match now seems to be a best-of-13 format. As a result, Valorant on mobile would seem to be designed for shorter play times. Be aware that many of the game’s features will be susceptible to modification during this early playtest.

Then go to work on the console, please.

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The League of Legends: Wild Rift team established a high standard for mobile versions of Riot’s games. In other words, if this leak is accurate, the Valorant Mobile team is striving for the same level of excellence.


Tactical shooters, like those in Valorant, rely heavily on the mouse and keyboard for precise aim, which is difficult to do on mobile devices. As a result, it looks that players on Valorant Mobile have more time to kill than those on PC, which might lead to a different kind of play. In these early testing, everything looks to be working well, which is the most crucial thing to look at.

First-person shooters are significantly simpler to translate for consoles, so perhaps Valorant’s mobile adaptation will be a hit.

For now, Riot Games is mum on the possibility of a console release. A console version was mentioned in a February job seeking (via ValorLeaks), but no official announcement or hint of its arrival has been made.


In the previous year, Valorant has the third most viewers on Twitch, with an average of over 130,000 people watching at any one time (according to Sullygnome). If it were to reach more people’s homes, it may expand even farther. That’s something we’d want to see happen in the near future.

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