Twitter tipped with multimedia and pronoun features


Finally, a collection of photos and videos

Elon Musk is expected to acquire Twitter, and the firm is allegedly working on new ways of “awarding” tweets as well as a variety of new capabilities to make it easier to post status updates or pronouns on your profile.

Instead of just showing off what you’re doing when you tap on a profile’s “in-progress status,” as 9to5Google contributor Dylan Roussel discovered, Twitter appears to focus on discovering other people and their tweets with the in-progress status feature, which prompts users to either “discover” or “join” the displayed status.


Users will be able to discover and interact with one another more easily with this new status feature, which joins Twitter’s “Circles” function, which enables you to establish close-knit groups of 150 friends or more.

The new pronouns page that Twitter plans to adopt will give this inclusive information a legitimate home, rather than merely being an optional addition in users’ biographies, as part of the company’s goal of having its users better appreciate and get along with one another.

Additionally, Twitter is aiming to prevent users from abandoning the network by finally permitting multimedia tweets, which saves users from having to choose between photos or videos when adding media to a tweet.


Users will be able to “reward” their favourite tweets, according to Roussel’s article, which reveals that Twitter is also hard at work on a big new feature. Aside from a few bare-bones details, nothing is known about how the prizes will function, what their worth will be, or when they will be made available to the public.

Developing or eradicating communities: Which is more effective?

Despite the fact that Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter seems to be likely, many users are worried about the impact free speech will have on the app’s already unfriendly climate.

Whether these new features have been in the works for some time or have been rushed to completion in anticipation of prospective owner Elon Musk’s arrival is a mystery.


Instead than providing certain users more ammo to bash one another’s opinions, they could serve to unify and be pleasant with one another. Twitter doesn’t need any more of that.

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