Google Pixel 6a case leaked shows design and camera changes


According to the leaked case, Google’s unique new look is returning, albeit with a few tweaks.

(Image credit: 91mobiles / OnLeaks)

For all of Google I/O 2022’s hype, we haven’t seen clear evidence that the Pixel 6a is a reality. However, with the leak of an alleged case for the inexpensive smartphone, the odds of its appearance at the developer conference have grown once more.

This week, Digital Trends received a case from Poetic, a case manufacturer, and the first thing you may think is that it’s for the Pixel 6 and not the rumoured cheaper version. Considered that, but Digital Trends discovered that a neighbouring Pixel 6 just wouldn’t fit in the case, implying that the Pixel 6a will be millimetres shorter.


Even though their proportions are so similar, the new-look Tensor Pixels seem to share a design synergy. However, there is still a contentious camera shield, measuring 14mm height instead than the 21mm on its predecessor, the Pixel 6.

(Image credit: Digital Trends)

Because of this, if the cover is real, it signals that the phone will feature a lower-quality camera than the flagship model’s 50MP sensor. Other speculations have suggested that the 12.2MP Sony IMX363 sensor, which was used in the previous three versions of Pixel, would be used in the Pixel 3.

Even if that’s sad, Google needs to make some concessions somewhere, and it’s not like previous Pixel phones have been terrible in the photography area either. It’s worth noting, though, that a recent rumour suggests that the Motion Mode of Google’s Pixel 6 will not work on the 6a, so photographers may want to wait for the Google Pixel 7.


It’s possible that the Pixel 6a will inherit the in-screen fingerprint reader from the flagship models based on the screen protector’s placement of a sticker showing where the reader is. This might be a mixed blessing, considering the Pixel 6’s many fingerprint sensor issues, but it’s an intriguing development given that previous ‘a’ devices put their fingerprint sensors on the back instead of the front.

image credits: digital trends

Having an official-looking case means that the debut of the Pixel 6a is soon, and we’re expecting to hear about it at Google I/O next week.

Of course, just because something has been shown doesn’t guarantee it will be ready for purchase right away. While some expect it to arrive in May, leaker Jon Prosser earlier said the device would arrive on July 28.


When I/O kicks out on Monday (May 11), we hope to learn more, so be sure to check out our Google I/O live stream guide for additional information.

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