Starfield: Everything we know so far


The designers of Skyrim are working on a new sci-fi game called Starfield, and here’s all we know so far.

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Because the game’s primary creator has promised that players would “lose their minds” in the next sci-fi video game, the buzz surrounding Starfield is undeniable.

“You get to that point when systems really start to come online, and things start to operate nicely, and gel, and you see everything shaping into the vision you had when you first began on this crazy trip,” Bethesda design director Emil Pagliarulo said. “‘Oh. Oh wow.’ was the first reaction when it occurred with Starfield. Yeah. It’s a very unique and remarkable piece of art. As soon as we complete it, the players are going to go crazy!'”


We’ve already got a sense of it. We don’t know much about the game yet, but it’s due out in 2022 and might be a mix of Skyrim in space, NASA, a Han Solo simulator, and harsh sci-fi from The Expanse.

In addition, based on the game’s early video, Starfield seems to have an intriguing storyline. Perhaps cheese sandwiches, as well as the exploration of outer space, might play a role in this. Here is what we currently know about Starfield in light of that.

The release date for Starfield

Starfield will come on November 11, 2022, according to Bethesda. There are still 17 months to go until we’re done.


Bethesda will most likely use the ambiguous video to drum up interest in its own IP before revealing more about Starfield. We’re okay with Bethesda taking its time on this one, given the developer’s track record of releasing games with significant bugs.

Trailer for Starfield

Starfield’s first official trailer was shown at E3 2021. It gives a glimpse of what the game engine may look like, although it’s lacking in specifics. Instead of the ‘laser swords’ of Star Wars, this sci-fi planet will focus on dealing with the rigours of space travel.

Another video shows us how Starfield is being developed, and how it will be Bethesda’s first “new world” in 25 years.


Vasco, a robot friend, has been shown off in a new behind-the-scenes film. It seems that this bipedal robot will be joining Starfield gamers in their exploration of the sci-fi realms beyond the solar system of humankind.

In The Elder Scrolls Skyrim, we’re hoping that Vasco will be an antidote to some of the somewhat two-dimensional company characters, such as Lydia and her low-key disdain at being asked to carry stuff.

Titled “Into the Starfield’s” most recent development video “Composer Inon Zur of Starfield and audio director Mark Lampert talk about the future sci-fi epic’s music in “The Sound of Adventure.” Now you’ve got still more cause to be ecstatic.


“Music, in my opinion, is the fourth dimension. It’s all about the feelings, “Zur mentioned this. “As a result, you must ask the following questions: Where are you going? What drives you to succeed? In your own words, tell us about your life. What’s actually driving us to do what we’re doing?” A “circular” composition, he said, was the goal of Starfield’s music, which is meant to depict an outward journey, followed by an inward return to Earth.

“When it comes to returning home, there’s always that nagging feeling that “we haven’t done enough.”

Starfield gameplay  

Not much is known about Starfield, and even the trailer doesn’t provide much light. In light of the fact that it is an in-house Bethesda game, we expect that it will combine space travel with Skyrim and Fallout 4’s open world, choose your own adventure structure.

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Todd Howard, the CEO of Bethesda, has set a Summer 2022 debut date for full game footage. In a Reddit AMA Howard said that Bethesda prefers to show off the game rather than boast about any key features: We wish to present it, which should take place next summer,” remarked the man. A trailer filmed in-game shows some of the progress we’ve made, and we’re pleased with the results.

Howard did mention Starfield will have mod support from the start and it might imply that it would last as long as Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which has substantial mod support and is one of the reasons Skyrim continues to be extremely enjoyable even now.

Space exploration and asteroid exploration are the primary modes of gameplay in this title, and you’ll be tasked with piloting one of a range of spacecraft over the vast expanses of the universe. Landing on planets, moons, space stations, and other astral bodies will allow astronauts to learn about a diverse range of settings.


And all of this might be wrapped around a central narrative that players may choose to follow in one go or dip in and out of as they explore side quests and other non-core narratives.

Starfield seems to be home to a fleet of massive spacecraft. Bethesda has provided an image of a character from the game.
We believe that players will be able to customise their spaceships as well. Assuming, of course, that Starfield isn’t just a space station like System Shock, Prey, or Alien Isolation, and that there are actual space travel aspects.

The ideal game would be a combination of open-world exploration and choice-heavy plot, with some space simulation tossed in for good measure. Today aren’t many space-sim or space-based role-playing games out there, so Bethesda’s Starfield might fill a need.


Starfield story

Everything about Starfield’s tale is shrouded in mystery. The current clip gives the impression that the game’s storyline would revolve on exploration of a new area of space.

The Washington Post quotes Bethesda exec Ashley Cheng as saying, “For me, Starfield is the Han Solo simulator.” “Explore the cosmos and have some fun,” says the narrator.

“NASA meets Indiana Jones meets the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” Bethesda CEO Todd Howards said in an interview with the Telegraph.


So we’d say it’s a combination of exploration and extraterrestrial activity, especially since the previous video included what seemed to be a schematic for a ring-based portal or teleporter mechanism.

Some speculate that Starfield will have a “NASA-punk” aesthetic, which might indicate that it would take place in a harsh sci-fi world.

“We invented the word ‘NASA-Punk’ to represent a sci-fi cosmos that is a bit more real and approachable early on in this project,” revealed Starfield’s main artist Istvan Pely. “We aimed for a gritty realism. As long as you start with current-day space technology, you can extrapolate into the future and make it seem plausible.”


As a key animator on Starfield, Rick Vicens said, “It was a very amazing idea to see how much we all embraced it. “Whenever you said NASA-Punk, the art team knew exactly what to do with it. To keep everyone in sync and working in the same style, we used the phrase “art direction.” It all made sense to me at that point. The importance of that phrase to us at the outset of the undertaking cannot be overstated.”

(Image credit: Bethesda)

The fact that Starfield is a Bethesda game means that we can anticipate a wide range of missions, characters, and conversation possibilities, as well as a plot that changes in response to the player’s actions and choices. We’re hoping Bethesda puts a lot of focus on the main plot and the side quests that go along with it.

The side missions in Skyrim were more entertaining than the main tale. That’s not a bad thing, but a sci-fi game’s main story, like that of Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic II or Mass Effect, is what we really want.


Starfield setting and locations

Bethesda has released a new and official video for Starfield, which features visuals and gameplay from the game’s Settled Systems setting.

In terms of distance from our own Solar System, this place is just around 50 light-years distant. This interplanetary location, though, has been wrecked by war, and it’s still not completely secure.

In a very Star Trek-like style, a metropolis and a forest seem to merge in one spot.


There’s also a picture of a dry terrain littered with strange trees and plenty of rocks. This seems like a place where you’ll need to bring a firearm.

Three figures dressed in spacesuits like those from Star Wars appear in another piece of artwork. It’s possible that there are several factions in Starfield, but each one has a different flair.

Previously unreleased trailers have showed off three possible locales for Starfield.


Neon is a metropolis of neon lights and futuristic-looking structures. In “a very bland watery environment,” it was created by the Xenofresh Corporation on top of a gigantic fishing platform. To turn things around, the business discovered a fish that had “psychotropic” qualities and produced a medication named “Aurora.”

“The United Colonies” are said to be “the most powerful, established military and political force in the game” from New Atlantis, a space port. With soaring automobiles and rising towers, it appears like a sci-fi movie set.

Freestar’s home city of Akila City is also on this list of cities to visit on your journey. In Akila, you’ll find a wide range of individuals who value uniqueness and independence.


That freedom, however, may be jeopardised by the presence of a wall built to keep out animals known as Ashta, who have been characterised as “an extraterrestrial predator that looks like a hybrid between a wolf and a velociraptor.” This may be a good place to visit armed and ready.

In a recent teaser and developer discussion, Starfield’s art and video are shown off. Furthermore, it seems that The Expanse’s hard science fiction scenario will be incorporated into the open-world/open-galaxy adventure of Skyrim.

As opposed to using gleaming spacecraft with immaculate interiors, Starfield’s ships have a more utilitarian appearance, seeming like they may have been created by NASA.


There are no holographic displays or smooth surfaces to be seen in the interiors; instead, every available surface seems to be used for storage, with a focus on utility rather than sci-fi glitz.

With Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, we’ve had our fill of classic sci-fi games. If you want something original and exciting, you’ll have to play a sci-fi game that’s grittier and more realistic than the usual fare.

Starfield Xbox Series X and PC exclusive

Because Starfield will only be available on the Xbox One S and top gaming PCs, you’re in luck if you can get your hands on one of them.


We’re afraid to report that PlayStation 5 customers have no hope. However, Sony’s new gaming device will have Deathloop, a Bethesda-created exclusive.

Starfield outlook 

When it comes to the Elder Scrolls series, we’d love to see Bethesda bring us another one, but we’re eager to see what they come up with for Starfield.

As a next-generation game, we anticipate it to look fantastic on the Xbox Series X, which will be released in 2017. For the most part, Starfield has the potential to be a sci-fi Skyrim or a space simulation like Elite Dangerous.


We’re eager to see what Starfield will become, no matter how it turns out. Bethesda is well-known for creating and releasing high-quality games. Although there are many expectations from fans, it has a lot of experience to draw on. Our best bet is to wait and see what Bethesda has in store.

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