This beautiful Dell XPS 13 Plus is now on sale


Starts at $1,299 with an invisible touchpad on the Dell XPS 13 Plus.

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Long-awaited Dell XPS 13 Plus laptops are now available for $1,399 in the United States and £1,298 in the United Kingdom.

Directly from Dell, the Dell XPS 13 Plus has a variety of settings. It has a 12th Gen Intel Core i5 or Core i7 CPU, both of which have Intel’s newest Xe graphics. LPDDR5 memory begins at 8GB and goes up to 32GB on the XPS 13 Plus. M.2 PCIe Gen 4 SSD storage space jumps from 512GB to 2TB.


Dell XPS 13: A daring design

In terms of specifications, the XPS 13 Plus isn’t much different from other high-end XPS laptops, but it does have a fresh style. The function keys have been replaced with capacitive ones, evoking memories of the Touch Bar on previous MacBook Pro notebooks.

There is something odd about the touchpad, to say the least. A touch-sensitive area sits in place of a regular trackpad on the XPS 13 Plus, giving the appearance that the trackpad is completely disappearing. So you’ll have to rely on your intuition.

Our hands-on review of the Dell XPS 13 Plus noticed the striking but perhaps controversial minimalist design. The laptop boasts lots of power with support for 28W Intel CPUs. Although just two USB-C connections are available, the Plus variant does offer Thunderbolt 4 and DisplayPort, it lacks ports in comparison to the normal Dell XPS 13.


This means that if you’re looking for a stylish laptop with the newest Intel chips, the XPS 13 Plus is a viable option. Before making a recommendation, we’ll need to do a thorough evaluation of the laptop, but it’s a strong candidate for inclusion on our best laptops list.

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