New iPhone to-do app Bento encourages less activity


Bento is a new programme that allows you to prioritise three tasks and then do them.

Source: Keep Productive

Bento, a new iPhone to-do software, is meant to help you prioritise and complete the chores that are most essential to you, rather than accumulating projects that you will never complete.

There are a plethora of task organisers available in the App Store if you’ve had an iPhone for some time. Some iPhone task organisers are better than others, while some are the finest money can buy. Bento, on the other hand, isn’t interested in any of it. When it comes to Bento, it’s all about choosing a few items that matter, rather than cramming it full with reminders to purchase milk.


Bento allows you to have a maximum of seven separate boxes open at any given moment, each with a maximum of three tasks. Choosing small, medium, and big jobs allows you to organise your chores in a way that works best for your schedule.

It’s from here that you may choose between three energy-based processes, which let you arrange things according to your mood or how you want to work.

Get your three top priorities done first. Three processes, Eat That Frog, Climb The Summit, and the Slow Burn, are designed to help you prioritise your day for maximum performance and vitality.


The app explains what all of that means, but after you get started, you can utilise the concentrate mode and a countdown timer to help you remain on track with your goals.

Bento’s own app has six delightfully animated themes from which to choose — or to switch between, if that’s more your style. Additionally, both bright and dark settings are available.

Those who already use task management systems like OmniFocus, Things, or something else can still utilise Bento alongside them. To get started, simply select the chores that fit within Bento. Bento is a new productivity app that you can get right now from the App Store if that appeals to you. It is available for purchase at a discounted price of $5.99 on this website.


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