Google Maps gets a major upgrade for iPhone and Apple Watch


One of the finest mapping applications is getting even better.

Many new features have been added to make the Google Maps app for iPhone and Apple Watch a more enjoyable experience.

Google Maps product manager Rubén Lozano-Aguilera detailed all of the changes in a blog post. New support for displaying toll charges at over 2,000 toll roads in the United States, India, Japan, and Indonesia is at the top of the list. According to the declaration, other countries will receive similar assistance in the future.


Next, we’ll be able to see traffic lights and stop signs in the navigation maps. The Google Maps CarPlay interface will also benefit from these new features, giving it a better alternative for consumers on the road.

Especially if you’re driving at night or with a lot of people in the car, driving on new roads may be nerve-wracking. We’re improving Google Maps’ navigation features to give you more confidence as you discover new places. You’ll immediately notice traffic lights and stop signs along your path, as well as increased features like building outlines and points of interest. And, in some locations, you’ll get even more specific information, including the shape and breadth of a road, including medians and islands–you can better comprehend where you are, and help lower the odds of making last-minute lane changes or missing a turn.

Beyond that, we have three additional innovations that are all going to give Google Maps a better experience across Apple’s devices — including support for initiating navigation from an Apple Watch for the first time.


Directions on Google Maps can soon be obtained right from your Watch, if you have an Apple Watch and frequently find yourself away from home – and without the benefit of a smartphone. Starting in a few weeks, you’ll no longer need to initiate navigation from your iPhone. Simply tap on the Google Maps shortcut in your Apple Watch app, and the navigation will start instantly on your Apple Watch. The “Take me home” complication may be added to your watch and tapped to begin Google Maps navigation home.

People can now ask Siri for directions within Google Maps for the first time thanks to the app’s new Spotlight and Siri and Shortcuts functionality.

With Spotlight, Siri, and the iOS Shortcuts app, you can search for and obtain directions using Google Maps. Using Siri shortcuts, you may quickly get Google Maps’ useful information by just saying “Hey Siri, get directions” or “Hey Siri, search in Google Maps”. You should expect to see this feature in the near future, with improved Siri search capabilities expected later this summer.


It is now possible to access pinned journeys without opening the Google Maps app using new widgets.

Now you can use new Google Maps widgets right from your home screen: Pinned trips are now accessible from your iOS home screen, making it easier than ever to receive instructions. You may check your arrival time, the next departure time for your transportation trip, and even a suggested route if you’re driving. To make things even easier, we’re reducing the size of the Google Maps search widget so you can find your favourite places or travel to your most-used locations with just one tap. To see these widgets in the coming weeks, make sure you have the most recent version of Google Maps installed on your device.

As a result of all of this, Google Maps is getting closer to being the finest iPhone software for navigating the city whether you’re taking public transportation, walking, or driving. Keep an eye on the App Store in the coming weeks for all of these new features.


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