Twitter will cease boosting Russian state accounts


It will also take down tweets showing prisoners of war that are associated with the government or state.

image credits: iMore

According to Twitter, two key modifications are being made to its platform in an effort to safeguard the debate being held about Russia’s invasion of the Ukrainian territory.

According to Yoel Roth, Twitter’s chief site integrity officer, the following posts showing prisoners of war will be removed as of Tuesday:


The removal of Tweets from government or state-affiliated media accounts that disseminate media depicting Ukrainian war captives will take effect today. It is done in accordance with international humanitarian law and with the cooperation of human rights organisations throughout the world Some exceptions to this policy are made where there is a compelling public interest or newsworthy POW content to safeguard important reporting on the conflict.

When it comes to any official accounts “belonging to states that restrict free information and are involved in an armed interstate war,” Twitter will no longer endorse or amplify them, whether or not Twitter is restricted in that nation.

In other words, the accounts won’t appear on the home timeline of the user, as well as in search, exploration, or any other area of Twitter. Twitter claims that this “dramatically reduces” the likelihood that those who don’t follow the relevant accounts would see these messages.


Twitter and Facebook have been blocked in Russia, although they may be accessed over a virtual private network (VPN). Because of the invasion, several businesses, including Apple, have made significant changes to their Russian operations. Apple no longer sells any of its goods in Russia.

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