New Coca Cola Byte leaked — you won’t believe how it tastes


Coca Cola Zero Sugar Byte has an odd name.

(Image credit: Coca Cola)

Coca-Cola has now produced a pixel-flavored beverage for a short time. Is there a flavour to pixels? As far as I know, you’re right.

Following in the footsteps of the space-flavored Coca Cola Starlight, Coca Cola Zero Sugar Byte is yet another palatable innovation that looks like it came straight out of the Metaverse.


While this new taste was supposedly hinted in Fortnite, Coca-Cola claimed to have found it. Byte is a great name for a beverage, but I’m not sure who would have searched for or even thought of it.

According to CNN, Coke Byte will be available starting in the first week of October. The term is presumably derived from the unit used to signify computer information and processing. As with Starlight, I expect it to be difficult to get at first. However, if you’re willing to get used to the taste of pixels, the Byte will be less expensive than the PS5.

Byte, on the other hand, has a certain allure to gamers. Two Coke-themed Fortnite games can be found on the Coca Cola Pixel Point island. Byte-drinkers will be able to access an augmented reality experience on their smartphones by scanning the physical soda can label. Additionally, the can features a unique design with pixelated Coca Cola logos on it.


Even if I walked by a Coke Byte at the gas station, I’d be curious about the flavour more than the appearance. However, how Byte will taste is still a mystery to me (for the record, Starlight reminded me a lot like Dr. Pepper). So I’m hoping there aren’t any strange textures in the can, because pixels sound like they’d be crunchy.

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