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Netflix wants to stop users from sharing a password


Customers who share Netflix credentials with persons who don’t reside in the same household will be charged for doing so.

image credits: cnet

“Confusion regarding when and how Netflix may be shared” is what prompted Netflix’s director of Product Innovation Chengyi Long to write a blog post on Wednesday outlining the company’s new sharing methods.

Netflix’s “Create an Extra Member” feature, which enables subscribers on Standard and Premium plans to add sub accounts for up to two individuals they don’t live with, is the most noteworthy anti-password sharing precaution.


There is a “discounted fee” for additional subscribers, but it is still an additional expense on top of Netflix’s recent price increase.

In the following months, Netflix will conduct tests in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru to determine the effectiveness of the new “Add an Extra Member” feature. Costs for new members in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru range from 2,380 CLP to $2.99.

A new tool will make it easy to remove other individuals from your Netflix account, as well. Shared passwords are no problem with the “Transfer Profile to a New Account” option, which lets you move your watching history and tailored recommendations from your old Extra Member sub account or create a new subscription entirely.


Customers have a lot of options when it comes to watching TV and movies, so Netflix wants to make sure any new features are flexible and valuable to members, whose subscriptions finance all of our fantastic content. “We’ll be testing these two features in these three nations before making any adjustments elsewhere in the globe.”

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