Netflix and Canal + suddenly end On The Verge after 12 episodes


A new Netflix series has been cancelled after a single season of production.

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Another Netflix programme was cancelled after only one season because it did not do well with viewers.

Fans learned of this show’s cancellation through an Instagram comments thread, which isn’t uncommon for Netflix to do when cancelling series without offering them any kind of closure.


A dramedy portraying four women in their late 40s in Los Angeles as they “dive into love and career, with a generous helping of midlife crisis” is called On The Verge in this instance. Netflix and StudioCanal collaborated on the film, which featured Julie Delpy, Elisabeth Shue, Sarah Jones, Alexia Landeau, and Giovanni Ribisi, among others, in a co-production deal.

For a total of six hours and 19 minutes, the show’s storyline has been cut short after one season and 12 episodes. Delpy, the show’s executive producer, writer, and director, was questioned about the status of the second season on an unrelated Instagram post(opens in new tab). His response was blunt: “cancelled, but they neglected to say it was cancelled.”

A few followers have expressed grief, despite this news being hidden in Instagram’s comment area. Someone remarked, “We needed this programme so badly. You developed such deep multifaceted ladies over 40 characters.” She then lamented the absence of exposure for middle-aged women on television. The Canal and Netflix didn’t advertise the programme, which is hilarious, isn’t it??”


Is it possible to die because of a computer algorithm?

Netflix has been accused of this in the past, but it’s not clear who made the choice here: Netflix, the US streaming service, or Canal+, the French channel that worked on the project as a collaborator?

In any case, Netflix’s recommendations system typically determines whether a show lives or dies, since without enough advertising, programmes are pushed to the back pages, accessible only if you know the specific search phrases.


In the event that a programme doesn’t work out, Netflix is ruthless when it comes to slashing its budget. The Baby-Sitters Club, Archive 81, and Gentefied have all been cancelled before the year 2022 has even begun.

In light of Netflix’s penchant for axing shows at the last minute, I can’t see myself investing my time in another new programme at this time. The risk of my effort not being repaid with a satisfactory conclusion is just too great.

What about On the Verge? Possibly not as much. For those who enjoyed the performance, it did at least provide some type of denouement, despite the fact that the reviewers were typically less complimentary than with some prior shows. On Instagram, a fan remarked, “I enjoyed the characters and storytelling, but the final episode might serve as a good series finish.


Perhaps that’s the way Netflix and other streaming providers will require production firms to operate in the future? Always treat the season-ending episode as though it were the last one… because there’s a chance it’s true.

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