The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 might have a 108MP camera


Galaxy Z Fold 4 may feature a major camera boost over the Samsung Galaxy Z.

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital/Technizo Concept)

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is expected to receive a major camera boost when it launches, but the extent of the update may be more than first thought.

The Z Fold 3’s camera performance has been criticised, and there have been rumblings that the next device may improve on that by adopting the camera arrangement from the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus. Dohyun Kim, a leaker with a history of reliable Samsung disclosures, predicts that the corporation will go one step further.


Galaxy Z Fold4 108MP Camera” was the short tweet that he sent, making it difficult to misread what he was saying.

In comparison to the S22 Plus and S22, the S22 Ultra would be a major thing if this leak proves to be correct, given that the S22 has a 10MP primary sensor.

Is this a realistic upgrade?

On the one hand, this is logical. Given that the Galaxy Z Fold is Samsung’s most expensive flagship, the lack of a camera that matches a phone that costs $600 less is surprising. Of course, this would raise the price of an already-expensive phone even more, but if you’re willing to shell out $1,799 for a smartphone, we can assume that price isn’t your primary worry.


Nevertheless, I’m a little apprehensive about this new advancement because of its size and weight, not because of its price. Many things in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 aren’t small, which is understandable considering it’s a tablet and phone in one.

Even while it has a more sophisticated and intricate camera system than the other Galaxy S22 phones, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is also heavier and thicker. The camera isn’t to blame for everything, but it’s a big part of it since the Ultra edition of the S21 was the same size as its brothers.

If the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera performance is any indication, would Samsung make its next foldable even bulkier? Foldable smartphones might be a reality in the near future, although it seems like a long shot in the face of competitors like Oppo (and perhaps OnePlus).


Samsung is expected to unveil its next generation of foldable devices in early autumn, maybe with a new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

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