How much Apple iPhone subscription could cost


Do you know how much it will cost you in the long run to have an iPhone subscription?

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Supposedly, Apple is creating an iPhone subscription service that would allow users to pay a monthly charge in return for access to iPhones. People naturally wonder how much this will cost, and how much they will end up paying for an iPhone in the long run.

This week, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman speculated about prospective iPhone subscription pricing in his “Power on” newsletter.


Gurman offers some hypothetical rates to demonstrate to Apple the value of an iPhone subscription service. In his example, Gurman charges $35, $45 and $50 a month for the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max, which he adds is less than the existing iPhone Upgrade Program by a few dollars.

Three years of the iPhone upgrade programme would cost $1,260 for an iPhone 13, $1,620 for an iPhone 13 Pro, and $1,800 for an iPhone 13 Pro Max. When purchased outright, each of these phones costs $799, $999, and $1,099 It’s like the iPhone Upgrade Program in that it doesn’t cover the cost of your current phone and data plan.

In contrast, the iPhone Upgrade Program includes the AppleCare+ plan, which costs $149 for the base plan and $219 for stolen and loss insurance for an iPhone 13. A single monthly cost might also be included in the Apple One package, which would include Apple TV+ and all of the company’s other services such as the iCloud+ for storage, iCloud+ for reading and reading content, and iCloud+ for storing media. The monthly cost of the individual plan is $14.95.


A 24-month plan, similar to the iPhone Upgrade Program, may be offered by Apple in the future. You’d spend $840, $1,080, and $1,200 if you followed Gurman’s pricing speculation. That’s not a significant price difference, but it all depends on whether Apple Care Plus is included and what the final pricing are.

Using terminology like “subscription” implies that people will be renting their phones from Apple rather than purchasing them for a long time. As a result, the longer you maintain an older iPhone, the worse off you can be. However, if the cost of renting the latest iPhone isn’t too much more than the current model, then upgrading as quickly as possible is a good idea.

“Just back of the envelope calculation,” says Gurman, but these numbers aren’t implausible, according to him. Because Apple has yet to make an announcement about the expected iPhone subscription plans, we can’t tell for sure how good of a bargain they will be.


More information on a purported iPhone subscription plan will be provided when it becomes available.

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