Here’s evidence of a new Mac mini 2022 launching


Another Apple product may have hinted about the future generation of Mac mini.

image via pro-tools-expert

Mac mini 2022 might be closer to arrival than previously imagined according to evidence revealed in the firmware of Apple’s Studio Display.

App developer Steve Troughton-Smith discovered a previously undisclosed “Macmini10,1” model in the newest Apple Studio Display firmware. That’s all there is to the leak, but the fact that it’s in the display’s software is nonetheless fascinating.


The current M1-equipped Mac mini was released in late 2020, which means it’s overdue for an upgrade. Since then, we’ve got the Mac Studio, which offers ludicrous performance levels, but Apple could utilise an intermediate alternative, like a Mac mini equipped with an M1 Pro or M1 Max CPU, like the most recent MacBook Pro models.

The anticipated M2 processor, which is expected to deliver improved performance and even greater economy, might possibly be used in the upcoming Mac mini.

Even though WWDC is often a software event, Apple has revealed WWDC 2022, which will take place from June 6 to 10, and this will be where the Apple M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, and M1 Ultra CPUs were unveiled in 2020 at the event. At a minimum, the new Mac mini might be shown at WWDC to showcase Apple’s new silicon if it employs the latest generation of processor (presumably dubbed M2).


Upcoming processor possibilities have been the only thing that’s been rumoured regarding the new Mac mini. Adding extra connectors to the rear of the phone would allow for greater adaptability and a lower overall footprint, but some sources disagree.

A new MacBook Air and other Macs may be unveiled during the WWDC event, according to recent speculations. However, there’s a considerable likelihood that second system will be the Mac mini, which means the next launch window will be during Apple’s autumn events if the Mac mini does not arrive there.


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