Early rumors of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: everything we know so far


Everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 thus far.

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There is a chance that the Galaxy Watch 5 will be the finest Samsung smartwatch ever. A new Pro model has been mentioned in a few reports so far.

Among the new features of the Samsung Gear S4 is a non-invasive body composition measurement sensor, as well as two different styles of watch face (standard and classic). First smartwatch to run Wear OS 3, a single platform that brings together Google applications and Samsung’s own software


How, therefore, can the Galaxy Watch, now in its fifth edition, hold on to its crown as the greatest Android smartwatch? The speculated Google Pixel Watch might disrupt the wearable industry, thus Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 should try to innovate. Additional methods to remain connected from your wrist might include additional fitness-tracking functions, an upgraded look, and more.

In the meanwhile, here’s everything we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, as well as what we would want to see from Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch.

When will the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 be available to purchase?

If Samsung keeps to its typical release timetable, the Galaxy Watch 5 might arrive as early as August 2022. While the Samsung Galaxy S22 series will be unveiled on February 9 at the Samsung Unpacked keynote (here’s how to watch Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022), the business is notorious for throwing a second huge event in the summer.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 were unveiled in August 2021, along with the formal introduction of the Galaxy Watch 4.

Such as the Galaxy Z Fold 4 or another foldable, we may expect to see the Galaxy Watch 5 appear alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 4. In the weeks preceding up to a Samsung product event, the company’s goods are regularly leaked or teased. Alternatively, we might expect to learn more about the release date of the Galaxy Watch 5 closer to its scheduled debut.

Prices for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 have not yet been announced.

According to rumours, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will have a similar pricing as the Galaxy Watch 4. The 40mm Bluetooth variant of the Galaxy Watch 4 costs $249.99, while the 40mm LTE model costs $299.99. The 42mm Bluetooth variant of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic costs $349.99, while the 42mm LTE model costs $399.99.


For example, the price of the Galaxy Watch 5 might vary significantly if it doesn’t come in two variants. It may even bring back the $399 beginning price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which is the same as the Apple Watch 7’s.

specifications for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

There have been a few leaks regarding the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, but we don’t yet know much about it.

Most recently, GalaxyClub claims to have uncovered three variations of the speculated Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, each with a different codename and model number.


In particular, the SM-R90X, codenamed “Heart-S,” is the smallest. It’s expected to be available in 40mm and 42mm sizes, making it a direct successor for the Galaxy Watch 4.

The SM-R91X, or ‘Heart-L’, is the second model. As a successor for the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, this is expected to be available in 44mm and 46mm sizes.

There’s also a reported Pro model, which we’ll discuss in further detail below.


According to reports, the Galaxy Watch 5 may have a variety of sensors, including a heart rate monitor and an accelerometer. According to a report by the Korean news outlet ET News, the Galaxy Watch 5 will have temperature-sensing capabilities.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an expert, the Galaxy Watch 5 won’t have temperature-sensing technology built in. Right.

So, who can we really trust? There’s no reason to believe either one of them at this point. It’s possible that “algorithm restrictions,” according to Kuo’s thinking, would preclude the new model from incorporating the technology at all. So far, so good. He’s also said that the Apple Watch 8 is expected to include its own temperature sensor, so he must know something about this topic. For the time being, we’ll just chalk this one up to a toss-up.


Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

There may be a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro variant, according to one fresh rumour that has surfaced. The 572 mAh battery capacity of this device hasn’t been revealed, although it’s possible. Nearly 60 percent more battery capacity than in Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 (44mm), but it’s also the largest smartwatch battery we’ve ever heard of.

If this wristwatch had a large battery, it might enable a slew of new functionalities, including the ability to measure blood glucose levels and deliver features that are game-changing for diabetics.

We’ve also heard that the anticipated Galaxy Watch 5 Pro might eventually replace the Classic model in Samsung’s portfolio. On the other hand, it’s unclear whether Samsung will preserve the Pro’s rotating bezel or ditch it altogether.


There is some uncertainty that the Pro will replace the Classic; rather, it may be one of three Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 versions. There are three codenames and model numbers identified on that website, all of which seem to be for the next Apple Watch 5.

In this leak, the SM-R92X model number for the Pro is mentioned, but there’s no information on its size.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 that we’d like to see:

The capabilities of the upcoming Galaxy Watch will determine whether or not it is the greatest smartwatch of the year. We’d like to see some of them come to fruition.


If the new Galaxy Watch has a longer battery life, that would be wonderful. It lasted us slightly over a day with the always-on display and regular activity monitoring, according to our experience with the Galaxy Watch 4. With the Fitbit Sense, you can wear it for up to six days, while the Garmin Venu 2 Plus can last for up to nine days.

Also, we’d want a feature that’s currently available in the Galaxy Watch series to finally be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. If you live in the United States, you won’t be able to utilise Samsung’s smartwatch’s blood pressure monitoring feature.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 recently received a software update that included sleep coaching capabilities to assist users improve their sleep quality over time. Like the Oura Ring Generation 3, we’d like to see Samsung go a step further and include recuperation functions that promote rest days. Even Fitbit’s Daily Readiness Score might be included into the Galaxy Watch 5.


Like the Apple Watch Series 7 hues, we believe the Galaxy Watch 5 should provide a wider range of colour selections. Yes, many people may want a smartwatch that may be worn with a range of clothes. If only the Galaxy Watch 5’s design included a splash of colour like red, blue, green, or any other eye-catching hue.

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