Xbox Game Pass streaming stick and TV app on the way


The Xbox streaming stick and a TV app are expected to be released by Microsoft in the next year.

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate titles might be streamed to any device with an HDMI port and an internet connection via a Microsoft streaming stick, according to reports.

While no official confirmation has been made, it has been speculated for some time that Microsoft is working on an Xbox Series X emulator for individuals without a console.


Indeed, the gadget has been in development since at least 2021, when it was mentioned in passing at a panel discussion at E3. A release date has been set, although it’s somewhat wide.

Amazon Fire TV-style stick or Google Chromecast-style puck that attaches into an extra HDMI port on your TV or monitor are the two most likely options for the streaming stick, according to GamesBeat.

If you don’t have a Netflix, Hulu or Disney Plus membership, you’ll still be able to use the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate streaming device to watch TV shows and movies.


Owners of Samsung TVs may be able to avoid this totally, since the cost of the finest streaming devices is likely to be approximately $50. Microsoft and Samsung are working together to build an Xbox streaming software for Samsung’s TVs, and this is expected to happen over the next 12 months, according to the source.

Even if we have a year-long window, it’s possible that anything may arrive sooner than that. This year, the XboxEra podcast hinted to new Xbox hardware, and at the time we deemed a streaming stick the most plausible of the options.

If you’re an Xbox enthusiast, a dedicated streaming stick may not be of interest to you. However, this might be a significant breakthrough for the industry as a whole. It’s possible to be a gamer without shelling out hundreds of dollars for a console system. Allowing them to play the same games as people who possess Xboxes opens up a new market.


Anyone who has an Xbox series X or a series S may take heart from this news. A larger subscription base for Game Pass Ultimate should result in more funding and, as a result, more games for everyone. Hopefully, the new Chromecast hardware will have the same transformative power that the original Chromecast did in 2013.

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