Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 tipped three new models


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has three model numbers.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 wristwatch, unveiled two weeks ago, seemed to streamline the company’s wearable range. Rather than a Classic model, we’d get a standard and Pro version of the Galaxy Watch 5.

When this was first announced, I predicted that the rotating bezel—a fan favourite feature and a major selling point for Samsung—would remain safe. GalaxyClub has discovered a trio of code names and model numbers that imply Samsung will introduce three separate wearables later this year, despite initial speculation to the contrary.


SM-R90X is the model number for Heart-S. With sizes ranging from 40mm to 42mm, it’s likely to be the basic version of the Galaxy Watch 4. A slightly larger 44mm and 46mm Heart-L (or SM-R91X) seems like the long-lost Galaxy Watch 4 Classic’s replacement.

Model number SM-R92X is assigned to this device, and it seems to only be available in one size. Lastly, there’s the Heart-Pro. The size of the watch isn’t specified, but considering that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is expected to have a massive 572mAh battery, I’m expecting it to be at least 48mm in diameter, if not more.

The Galaxy Watch 5 of Schrödinger

Assuming the model numbers and code names are correct, it’s doubtful that Samsung will be dumping the Classic in favour of a newer model of Galaxy Watch. Hence, why did a previous article claim that the corporation would be doing so.


Putting the two conflicting stories to rest, we can conclude the Galaxy Watch 5 Classic is not among those watches, either because it’s named something else but is effectively the same or because Samsung is trying something fresh and distinct.

The problem is that this isn’t correct, since Samsung will introduce two models of its next smartwatch: the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, as stated in the original SamMobile article. In addition to excluding the Classic, a third was explicitly excluded.

In other words, one of these predictions will turn out to be incorrect later on in the year. Galaxy Watch 5 is expected to be unveiled with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Z Flip 4 in August, if Samsung follows its previous wearable release pattern.


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