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Bloomin’ Brands, based in Tampa, Florida, owns and operates the Bonefish Grill network of casual seafood restaurants in the United States. Tim Curci and Chris Parker set up shop in St. Petersburg, Florida, on January 15th, 2000.

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As of October 5, 2001, Bloomin’ Brands has bought Bonefish Grill. The corporation had three sites at the time. Bonefish Grill celebrated the launch of their 100th location in 2006 by announcing the grand opening of the restaurant. Bloomin’ Brands owned and operated 183 Bonefish Grill restaurants in 28 states as of January 2022, including five franchised locations.

Shrimp is Bonefish Grill’s most popular dish. Grilled fish, seafood specialities, sides, appetisers, soups, greens, desserts, kid’s menus, and family packages are all on the menu at this seafood restaurant in New Jersey. They charge a bit more than other restaurants, but their cuisine is of a higher quality.


Bonefish Grill’s menu pricing, on the other hand, tend to be greater than those of a regular seafood restaurant. Check out the Bonefish Grill menu pricing right now, shall we?

Starters and Sharing

Bang Bang Shrimp$13.40
Wagyu Beef & Ginger Potstickers$11.60
Ahi Tuna Sashimi
Ahi Tuna Sashimi
Imperial Dip$13.10
Maryland Crab Cakes$18.90
Saucy Shrimp$13.10
Prince Edward Island Mussels Josephine$15.50

Soups and Greens

Entrée Large House Salad$12.30
Entrée Large Caesar Salad$12.30
Florida Cobb Salad$11.50
Corn Chower & Lump Crab- Cup$5.70
Corn Chower & Lump Crab- Bowl$6.80

Grilled Fish

Atlantic Salmon
Atlantic Salmon
Rainbow Trout$23.20
Ahi Tuna Steak$23.90
Chilean Sea Bass$40.00
Chilean Sea Bass

Seafood Specialties

Cod Imperial$26.60
Pecan Parmesan-Crusted Rainbow Trout$25.70
Crab-Crusted Cod$27.70
Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos$17.90
Blackened Baja Fish Tacos$18.10
Fish & Chips$19.50
Blackened Salmon Pasta$20.80
Spicy Tuna Bowl$19.70
Thermidor Gnocchi$24.10
Cold Water Lobster Tail$25.20
Cold Water Lobster Tails$38.80

From the Land

Filet Mignon$28.50
The Angler’s Sirloin Steak$21.50
Lily’s Chicken$20.20
Chicken Marsala$20.10
Fontina Pork Chop$24.50
Half-Pound BFG Burger*$17.30

Perfect Pairings

Lobster Tail & Crab Cake$30.70
Filet & Lobster Tail$42.20
Mahi Mahi & Shrimp$27.40
Steak* & Crab Cake$26.30
Georges Bank Scallops & Shrimp$25.00


Garlic Whipped Potatoes$4.40
Jasmine Rice$4.40
Bacon Mac & Cheese$9.40
Steamed Asparagus$9.40
French Fries$4.40
Seasonal Vegetable$4.40
Sauteed Spinach$4.40


Macadamia Nut Brownie$9.10
White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies$3.50
Chocolate Chip Cookies$3.50

Kids Menu

Kids Chicken Tenders$7.60
Kids Mac N’ Cheese$7.60
Kids Popcorn Shrimp$7.60
Kids Fish Strips$8.70
Kids Grilled Chicken$7.60

Spirit Free Beverages

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea Gallon$6.90
Minute Maid Country Style Lemonade Gallon$6.90

Family Bundles

Family Bundle Bang Bang Shrimp® Tacos$43.90
Family Bundle Lily’s Chicken®$39.50
Family Bundle Grilled Salmon$43.90
Family Bundle Grilled Chicken$32.90
Family Bundle Simply Grilled Mahi$43.90
New! Mahi & Shrimp$54.90

Disclaimer: On-site inspections, business websites, and phone interviews are used to acquire actual price information. One or more of these sources is where the prices on this page come from. Obviously, the pricing shown on this page may not be current or applicable to all locations of a certain brand. Get up-to-date price information by contacting the company location of your choice.


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