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American restaurant chain Buffalo’s Cafe is famed for its Buffalo-style chicken wings. Buffalo’s Cafe was founded in Roswell, Georgia, in 1985 as a single restaurant. Buffalo’s Franchise Concepts Inc. was founded in 1991 by entrepreneurs David Hyde and Ralph Perella (BFCI) When it came to the year 1998, the business had 40 different sites. Following the addition of southwestern fare in 2001, the restaurant was renamed Buffalo’s Southwest Cafe..The year ended with the opening of a branch in Kuwait.

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In addition to a variety of appetiser options, Buffalo’s Cafe’s menu includes the Trailblazer Sampler and the Southwest Eggroll. Classics like shrimp dinner, chicken tender dinner, and so on are also available at this restaurant chain.

As the menu at the Buffalo’s Cafe becomes longer and longer, so does the breadth of its offerings. As a result, we’ve given you with Buffalo’s Cafe’s whole menu here. Customers may choose from a variety of nutritious options, such as a salad, to a fatty, meat-laden burger. Below, you can find the most important information about Buffalo’s café.


From The Grill

10 oz. Ribeye Steak$ 18.99
Chicken Tortilla Pasta$ 12.99
BBQ Pork Triple Play Platter$ 13.99
Chicken Del Rio – Half$ 10.99
Chicken Del Rio – Full$ 14.99


Buffalo Chicken Dip$ 9.49
Southwest Eggrolls$ 9.99
Tangled Texas Twists$ 9.49
Smoky Mountain Nachalos$ 11.99
Queso Verde Cheese Dip$ 6.99
Cheese Sticks$ 8.99
Pig Pile$ 11.99
Salt & Pepper Fried Pickles$ 7.99
Fried Green Tomatoes$ 8.49
Trailblazer Sampler$ 15.99


Grouper Tacos$ 12.99
Fajita Tacos$ 12.99
Grilled Shrimp Tacos$ 12.99
Buffalo Chicken Taco$ 12.99


Prairie Chicken Salad – Half$ 9.99
Prairie Chicken Salad – Full$ 11.99
Buffalo’s Cobb Salad – Half$ 10.99
Buffalo’s Cobb Salad – Full$ 12.99
Grouper Salad$ 12.99
Juanita’s Fajita Salad$ 12.99
Black And Bleu Salad$ 12.99
Soup And Salad Combo$ 8.99
Homemade Soup Of The Day – Cup$ 3.99
Homemade Soup Of The Day – Bowl$ 5.99

Buffalo’s Classics

Wings & Tenders$ 15.99
Chicken Tender Dinner$ 15.99
Shrimp Dinner$ 16.99
Grouper Dinner$ 16.99
Southwest Express$ 10.99
Chicken Wing Dinner (Traditional Style) – 8 piece$ 16.99
Chicken Wing Dinner (Traditional Style) – 12 piece$ 21.59
Chicken Wing Dinner (Traditional Style) – 16 piece$ 25.99
Chicken Wing Dinner (Boneless Hand-Breaded) – 8 piece$ 16.49
Chicken Wing Dinner (Boneless Hand-Breaded) – 12 piece$ 20.79
Chicken Wing Dinner (Boneless Hand-Breaded) – 16 piece$ 24.99

Wraps & Sandwiches

Santa Fe Cheesesteak Wrap$ 10.99
Apache Chicken Wrap$ 11.29
Shrimp BLT Wrap$ 11.99
Kick’N Chicken Wrap$ 11.49
Grouper Sandwich$ 11.99
The Pulled Pork Sandwich$ 11.49
The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$ 11.99


Fried Green Tomato Burger$ 13.29
Hangover$ 13.29
Impossible Burger$ 14.29
The Blackjack$ 13.29
Canyon$ 12.49
Mushroom Swiss$ 12.99
All-American$ 11.99

Rice Bowls

Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl$ 12. 49
Fried Chicken Rice Bowl$ 12. 49
Grilled Fajita Steak Rice Bowl$ 12. 49
Shredded Pork Rice Bowl$ 12. 49
Shrimp Rice Bowl$ 12. 49
Black Beans
Grilled Onions & Peppers
Black Beans & Corn Salsa
Shredded Lettuce
Shredded Cheese
Dried Tomatoes
Pico De Gallo

Additional Toppings

Salsa$ 0.50
Sour Cream$ 0.50
Queso$ 0.75


Curly Fries$ 3.29
Sweet Potato Fries$ 3.29
Tumbleweed Chips$ 3.29
Garlic Bread$ 3.29
Mexican Rice$ 3.29
Texarkana Corn$ 3.29
Coleslaw$ 3.29
Black Beans$ 3.29
Steamed Broccoli$ 3.29
Grilled Veggies$ 3.29
Garlic Parmesan Fries$ 4.29

Traditional Bone-In Wings

Taster (6 pieces)$ 10.49
Small (8 pieces)$ 12.49
Medium (12 pieces)$ 17.29
Regular (16 pieces)$ 21.99
Large (24 pieces)$ 30.99
Jumbo (48 pieces)$ 59.99

Boneless Wings

Taster (6 pieces)$ 9.79
Small (8 pieces)$ 11.99
Medium (12 pieces)$ 16.49
Regular (16 pieces)$ 20.99
Large (24 pieces)$ 28.49
Jumbo (48 pieces)$ 54.99


Buffalo Chip$ 4.79
Fried Cheesecake$ 6.59
Mesa Brownie$ 5.99

Disclaimer: On-site inspections, business websites, and phone interviews are used to acquire actual price information. One or more of these sources is where the prices on this page come from. Obviously, the pricing shown on this page may not be current or applicable to all locations of a certain brand. Get up-to-date price information by contacting the company location of your choice.

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