Modified Fisher-Price baby controller for Elden Ring, and it’s glorious


When will there be Fisher-Price any-percent-speedruns?

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We’ve observed a lot of people using unusual controllers to play Elden Ring in the last two months. Rudeism has modified a Fisher-Price toy controller into a functioning Xbox controller this time.

In a Twitter post, Rudeism, a self-described “maker of strange controllers,” reveals that he’s modified Fisher-game Price’s controller. “It still has all the noises that it came with in the box, but it also can play games,” he said in a video, showing this with Elden Ring.


Adapting this toy controller was a problem for Rudeism’s video. To utilise the controller as a numeric controller instead of music, instead of the right analogue stick, he used the mode switch on the controller. The left joystick will now function as the right joystick, and various face buttons will function as the start, choose, and guide buttons, respectively.

There are just two bumper buttons, but tilting them left or right switches between LT / LB and RT / RB controls. As a result, it’s a considerably more constrained experience, although

Rudeism went on to discuss his construction method to IGN in a follow-up interview. Even though it was a “very tight fit,” IGN said that it was “one of Rudeism’s cleanest creations” because of the “Stanley knife I used to cut down the USB connector.”

Rudeism is well-known for his unconventional controllers in games, as previously said. Last October, he used Morse code to conquer Dark Souls 3, a real pomegranate to finish Hades, a guitar to earn a crown in Fall Guys, and a frying pan controller to fight multiple Dark Souls enemies.

There’s no doubt that Elden Ring is a fan favourite.

Despite the fact that it’s a rare sight, we shouldn’t be shocked to see someone try anything like this. Not only has Rudeism used unique controllers, he’s also kept the original functionality intact by employing a toy controller for infants. It’s a more creative approach, no doubt.


Other than that, the Elden Ring fan community has come up with several innovative ideas, such as ZeroLenny’s latest experiment with DK Bongos. A week after its release, SuperLouis64 utilised Ring Fit Adventure’s ring to defeat Godrick using a banana controller.

Controllers aren’t the only ones putting up extraordinary effort. There’s an Elden Ring demake for Game Boy in the works by one fan, another beat the whole game unharmed last month, and speedrun scores continue to rise. FromSoftware’s newest, Elden Ring, is here to stay, regardless of what you think of it.


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