Apple Watch 8 tipped with body temperature monitoring


One of the rumoured features of the Apple Watch 8 is that it would be able to monitor the wearer’s body temperature, and one of the most reputable sources in the industry has said that the capability might still be included in Apple’s wristwatch in 2022.

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Apple, according to industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, is still working on refining the algorithms for detecting body temperature so that the incoming data is correct. Apple Watch 8 will gain the capability if the algorithms are up to par.

Skin temperature changes rapidly in response to environmental conditions, which makes it difficult to accurately assess body temperature. It takes an exceptional algorithm to function with a smartwatch since its technology cannot handle the measurement of the core body temperature.


The suspense builds.

That wearable might also lose out on body temperature monitoring if Samsung’s software analysis isn’t up to pace by the time the Galaxy Watch 5 is released, according to Kuo.

Body temperature tracking was previously rumoured to be included in the Apple Watch 7 for those with a long history with the brand. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the requisite algorithms simply couldn’t be developed in time.


It has since been speculated that the wristwatch would have body temperature sensors in its 2022 model. Now that we know what’s causing the delay, we can decide whether or not to include this feature in the final product.

Analyses: testing the hardware’s limits

Smartwatches are, by definition, tiny. Because of the compact form factor, manufacturers like Apple and Samsung are constrained in terms of screen size, battery capacity, and the sensors they can accommodate — and this continues to impede progress.

For a while, Ming-Chi Kuo projected that the Apple Watch 8 will have a temperature sensor, but his new remarks illustrate how tough it would be to make that happen. Modern medical monitoring features need more advanced sensors and the capacity to analyse the data they collect.


It’s not simply the temperature of your body that’s at risk. Is Apple Watch 8 going to be able to detect blood pressure and blood glucose? That depends on how far Apple’s engineers have gone in terms of making sophisticated equipment fit into such a small square box.

Due to technological constraints, it’s possible that some long-awaited additions won’t make the cut for 2022. We’re witnessing how tough it is for smartwatches to improve on what they currently provide customers, even if this is expected to happen at some point.


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