Google I/O 2022 preview: 10 biggest things to expect


This is what we can anticipate from Google I/O on Wednesday.

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A Google I/O 2022 preview has been provided for your perusal on this page. We’ve been following all the latest developments and speculations surrounding this week’s annual developer conference.

To watch the Google I/O keynote live, see our guide on how to watch Google I/O live stream on May 11 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT/6 p.m. GMT. You’ll get the first glimpse at any new Google Assistant capabilities, Wear OS improvements, and more if you keep up with the updates.


In addition, there is a potential that Google may unveil new hardware, such as the long-rumored Google Pixel 6a and the Google Pixel Watch. Google’s I/O traditionally focuses on software (such as Material You for the finest Android phones), but the company has the potential to change things up.

From what we’ve heard so far and what we want to see at Google I/O, these are the five most anticipated features.

Android 13 has new features

Google surprised us last month by releasing the first beta version of Android 13. An early look at what the finest smartphones from Google, Samsung, and others will look like this year and future is provided by Android 13 Beta 1.


That being said, a speedier QR code scanner and return of device controls to the lock screen are two nice additions that have been discovered so far in this initial beta release.

There will be new media tools, permissions selections, and themed icon themes unveiled at Google’s I/O developer conference this week. Since Android 13 has the requisite audio codec, we may hear more about Bluetooth LE compatibility and some kind of spatial audio/virtual surround sound offering.

Wear OS 3 and a Pixel Watch are both in the works, according to reports.

We anticipate Google to devote some attention to Wear OS 3 upgrades this year, like they did last year. Tizen and Fitbit features have been added to Wear OS, making it even more capable of making the greatest Android smartwatches even better. Even though a number of Wear OS 3 compatible smartwatches are now available, only the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has the software installed.


Wear OS 3 upgrades for third-party smartwatches are expected to be announced at the same time as new Wear OS features or third-party app support for Wear OS 3.

In addition, there is a possibility that Google may introduce or tease their first in-house wristwatch, which is expected to be referred to as the Pixel Watch. According to recent leaks, including the discovery of an alleged prototype in the wild and public regulatory paperwork, the Pixel Watch is approaching its official introduction. This summer, it’s not clear whether the Pixel Watch will be released with the Google Pixel 7 or later this year.

The Google Pixel 6a.

The Pixel Watch may not be the only device to make a debut at the I/O conference.. According to several stories and sources, Google is preparing to unveil a follow-up to one of the greatest low-cost smartphones soon. The Google Pixel 6a is expected to cost less than $500, making it a scaled-back version of the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro.


We’re eager to see whether the Pixel 6a has received FCC certification, which would indicate that the phone is ready to go on sale. Additional Google Pixel Buds Pro might be released to go along with the phone, making a full Google hardware suite available before summer.

Google Assistant, Google Maps, and others have received updates.

It wouldn’t be an I/O keynote without announcements connected to Google’s popular services. Google Assistant and Google Maps are each expected to get at least one new feature, with Google Calendar and Google Photos also receiving possible enhancements.

You may recall that Google I/O 2021 brought us environmentally friendly routes for Maps, a new companion mode for Meet, better Google searches, and the AI-powered cinematic mode for Photos. Some section of the speech will be dedicated to the algorithms and computer improvements that make new service features or simply better possible.


Improvements to Chrome OS

At this year’s I/O keynote, we expect to see a few Chrome OS improvements. This is a great time to be a Google Workspace customer since Chromebooks are still among of the finest laptops and best laptops for college students. Even if nothing else, Android 13 should provide some enhancements to the Chrome OS experience, such as making it simpler to pass messages or searches back and forth across devices.

In addition to Project Starline’s progress and Android 12L’s impact on Google’s foldable phone ambitions, there may be a few further announcements. However, even if we haven’t heard anything about Project Starline in over a year now, it doesn’t mean Google isn’t going to provide us some exciting new information.

This year’s Google I/O event will be streamed online, and it’s important to know how to watch it.


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