Apple WWDC 2022 begins June 6: iOS 16, macOS 13 and more


a comprehensive guide to the WWDC 2022 keynote address by Apple

The date for Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC 2022 (which begins on June 6), has just been announced. In order to show off the newest generation of Apple’s operating systems for its iPhones, Macs, iPads, and Apple Watches, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is held.

WWDC will be streamed live online only, as has been the case with prior recent Apple events. When it comes to anticipating what significant new features Apple will introduce in 2022, this announcement is effectively the start of the gun


It’s fairly uncommon for Apple to release developer betas for upcoming OS updates within a few days of their keynotes, in addition to announcing new features and functionality. In the next months and weeks, more stable public betas will be provided, and in the fall, the final versions will be launched in conjunction with new hardware.

WWDC will take place in 2022

This year’s WWDC will run from June 6 through June 10. On June 6, the annual keynote address and State of the Union footage will be available online. Keynote and State of the Union are two different videos, although keynote is more public while State of the Union is more focused on developers

Apple Design Awards will be given out during WWDC 2022 as well as the previous year.


Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 16.

As with iOS 15, many of the most exciting new features in iOS 16 will likely be found on other Apple OS devices as well. These capabilities are as much Apple features as they are iPhone features, such Live Text and SharePlay, which allow users to watch a TV or movie together from afar.

It’s not uncommon for iPhone owners to boast about how their devices have been receiving upgrades for many years. According to a leak, Apple’s 6-plus-year-old iPhones may not be included in iOS 16.

Some users feel that Apple can do better with Focus Modes, despite the fact that they are one of our favourite new features in iOS 15.


macOS 13

During the last few years, Macs have become a more integral part of the Apple ecosystem. With Universal Control, customers can use the same mouse and keyboard to control both their Macs and iPads at the same time.

Mac OS X Mavericks 13: What’s New? As far as we can tell, Apple will continue to provide you with reasons to stay in the MacOS environment.

Wear OS 9,

There have been rumours of further health and fitness features, as well as interactions with Apple’s HomeKit, Wallet, and Apple Fitness Plus in our previous coverage of watchOS 9. However, what new features for watchOS 9 would we want to see Apple unveil at WWDC 2022?


We’d want to see the iPhone’s Health app make a big impression on the Apple Watch. This software already gets a lot of data from the Apple Watch, so it’s a natural fit for the watchOS platform.

In addition, an Apple Watch Notes App makes perfect sense. Some of the TG employees use third-party applications to take notes and check their shopping lists while on the go, and we’re puzzled why Apple hasn’t implemented these features yet.

Let’s take a break, Apple, please.???? Some of us are so devoted to our Fitness app streaks that it’s nearly making us stressed. Allowing consumers to take a day off every now and again would do wonders for their emotional well-being.


Apple’s iPadOS 16

It’s a fascinating read. In iPadOS 15, features like as multitasking and widgets finally made their debut, but many users were left frustrated by the iPad’s reluctance to adopt a Mac-like user interface.

It’s an excellent time to reveal that iPads can run Mac software now that even the iPad Air 2022 has an M1 processor. In the end, what’s the problem? Macs can run iPad apps.

TV OS 16

There have been no reports regarding what tvOS 16 would have, but we’ve received two requests for additional features. First, can Apple make the Apple TV support external webcams? With out it, FaceTime SharePlay forces you to handle many Apple devices.


Secondly, bring the Mac and iPad’s split-screen functionality across. Picture-in-picture on steroids, that’s what it is. Talk to any sports fan or anyone attempting to keep track of many stations at once, and they’ll tell you that Fubo TV’s multi-stream view is a godsend.

How about a new MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air, or an Apple VR headset?

Like Apple and Epic Games, WWDC and hardware go hand-in-hand: imagining a huge product launch doesn’t always work. Nevertheless, people’s expectations are constantly raised, and two devices have emerged this year for which we have high expectations.

Even if the Apple VR/AR headset isn’t calling for a WWDC 2022 unveiling, it’s worth wondering how much time the company will allow third-party app developers to produce apps for the platform. Although we don’t expect to see the finished headset at WWDC 202, it’s possible that Apple could preview the rumoured realityOS that will run on it. It might also display a working prototype.


After that is the new Mac Pro powered by Apple’s latest silicon-enabled processors. At the conclusion of Apple’s March 2022 presentation, this more powerful Mac was hinted at. WWDC was the perfect place to reveal a glimpse of what’s next. Again, no one is guaranteeing it, but it would be good if it did.

A MacBook Air 2022, which is expected to be powered by a new M2 processor, is also expected to appear in a variety of bright colours. We’ll have to wait and see what WWDC 2022 has in store.


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