Upgrades to Windows 11 are coming to make your life simpler


The File Explorer in Windows 11 will soon be a lot smarter.

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Microsoft today (April 5) announced a plethora of new features for Windows 11 as a celebration of the software’s six-month anniversary.

There are a few features that should make Windows 11 easier to use for everyone, despite the fact that the majority of them are geared for remote and hybrid employees. The Windows 11 File Explorer, in particular, is getting a major makeover, with tabs, a favourites menu, and even a home page of its own.


For the first time, Microsoft has given us an idea of what the final version of Windows 11’s File Explorer will look like when it goes live later this year at an online event for business people.

Sure, the main new feature is an organised tab structure that allows you to handle several folders in a single window (rather than having to open new File Explorer instances). It’s long overdue, and I can’t think of any reason why I’d ever go back to a File Explorer that didn’t have tabs.

However, there are some exciting new File Explorer features in the pipeline that might have a profound impact on how we interact with this venerable tool. There are a few notable changes to File Explorer, including a new homepage that displays recently opened files and folders along with those that have been pins and favourites.

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There will soon be a Favorites feature in the Windows 11 File Explorer that allows you to right-click any file and save it as a favourite for future reference. Improved sharing options for sending files to applications or current contacts will be available when right-clicking in File Explorer in Windows 11, as part of the operating system’s broader attempt to simplify and improve the Windows context menu.

Unfortunately, Microsoft failed to hint to a specific date for the release of these File Explorer updates. There is, however, a good chance we’ll see this new and enhanced File Explorer appear later this year, maybe as part of a standard Windows 11 update.


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