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Tim Cook statement after Apple Watch saves man’s life


Doctors in the Indian state of Haryana examined Nitesh Chopra after his Apple Watch gave him a shaky ECG.


When a Haryana dentist shared his tale about how an Apple Watch saved his life, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, praised the dentist personally.

Haryana dentist Nitesh Chopra got an ECG because he was feeling sick, according to HT Tech’s investigation. After receiving many such alerts from his Apple Watch, he made an appointment with a doctor after learning that he had an irregular heartbeat. As a consequence, doctors at the hospital were able to save Chopra’s life by doing ECGs and revealing that his artery was entirely stopped.


“Thank you for saving my husband’s life,” said Neha Chopra in an email to Tim Cook thanking him for the Apple Watch.

Please know that I am extremely pleased that you sought clinical assessment and obtained the treatment you requested. It was a pleasure to hear your tale. Good morning. Please accept my best wishes. Tim.

Nitesh’s wife is so thrilled with the story’s happy conclusion that she’s going to acquire an Apple Watch for herself to keep track of her own health. According to Nitesh, he felt fortunate and couldn’t convey his appreciation to HT Tech, saying that he used his watch as a fashion item, to check the time, and to count his movements, but he “could not fathom” that the gadget might save his life one day.


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