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iPhone 14 (2022) tipped to get a suite of big upgrades


Preparations are already in full swing for Apple’s next flagship device iPhone 14, which is slated to be introduced later this year, despite the fact that Apple already debuted a new iPhone 13 colour and a new iPhone SE for 2022 at its March presentation earlier this year. Everything we believe we know about this topic.

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It seems that Apple will stick to current naming schedule for the foreseeable future, as the company has done so for the last several years without any evidence of a return to previous ‘S’ upgrades. The iPhone 14 and 14 Pro seem to be a sunk cost.


According to Jon Prosser’s design leak, much of what we know about the next iPhone is based on. From now on:

(Image credit: Ian Zelbo | Front Page Tech)

It seems that the camera hump on the iPhone will be a thing of the past with the next iPhone, according to renderings given by Prosser based on information he’s seen. Instead, it will just be thicker to disguise the camera hump, and maybe enhance battery life. Prosser, on the other hand, claims to know nothing about the phone’s inner workings and has only seen the device’s design.

(Image credit: Ian Zelbo | Front Page Tech)

Iphone 14 new chip

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman confirmed this rumour, telling us to anticipate a “entirely redesigned” iPhone later this year.

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In contrast, new CAD renderings of the iPhone 14, as well as the iPhone 14 Pro, seem to imply that Apple is not going to alter the design of either phone. In March, a number of leaks suggested that the iPhone 14 will look a lot like the current best iPhone, the iPhone 13. If that’s the case, it’s going to be a major setback for those who were looking for a major redesign of the design.

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The 14 ‘Pro’ is expected to lose its notch in favour of a pill-shaped hole-punch housing and a smaller hole next to it as the only design modification that seems to be in the works.


According to reports, the iPhone 13 small will be the last little iPhone. Instead, a second full-sized iPhone is expected from Apple next year, replacing the smaller model. Beginning in July,

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There will be no Mini next year, according to a source who spoke to Nikkei Asia. According to prior claims, Apple is also said to be considering a second ‘Max’ iPhone instead. Because of its smaller size and lower price, the 6.7-inch phone would be a more affordable alternative to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which comes with more luxury features.


We expect the next 2H22 iPhone will include four variants, notably the high-end 6.7-inch and 6.1-inch models, and the lower end 6.7-inch and 6.1 models,” Ming Chi Kuo has said.


Toward the end of the year, Apple is expected to unveil a new CPU for iPhones. But many sources now claim that Apple will only use the A16 processor in the ‘Pro’ version of the iPhone 14, with Ming-Chi Kuo and others suggesting that the normal iPhone 14 would not be upgraded.


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In theory, Apple could add a 120 Hz ProMotion display to the whole iPhone line-up next year, which is what the iPhone 13 Pro has. DSCC’s Ross Young, however, claims that this is not the case, since the normal iPhone still has a 60Hz LTPS display. The Super Retina Display XDR, introduced earlier this year, suggests that Apple may make more changes to the screen in the future.



Apple is said to be adding a new 2TB iPhone storage option next year. This is most likely going to affect the Pro model’s capacity, but it’s possible that Apple may introduce a standard iPhone with 1TB of storage instead.


A 48MP camera might be coming to the iPhone this year, which would represent a significant photo increase.

(Image credit: Ian Zelbo | Front Page Tech)

Novel 48 megapixel cameras and a new periscope camera design are expected to be included in Apple’s devices next year, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.


According to a study note obtained by iMore, the iPhone 14 will have a 48-megapixel camera in 2022. Similar rumours have surfaced in the past, not least from Kuo. A new camera system might enable Apple to take use of low-light photography techniques like as pixel binning, which would allow for more light to be accessible while still allowing for high-resolution stills to be captured in well-lit environments.


Next year’s iPhone might be more costly than this year’s due to rumours of 2TB storage and a bigger basic model. However, this year, Apple shocked us by keeping the pricing the same, even cutting it in certain areas compared to the iPhone 12’s retail price.

Release date

After a one-time delay last year, Apple has reverted to the September release schedule. The iPhone 14 is expected to be released in roughly a year. It’s possible that we’ll even have a live debut event next year!



DSCC’s Ross Young claims that the iPhone 14 will have bigger batteries, increasing capacity and allowing for additional features to be included.


Like its predecessors, the iPhone 14, too, is expected to have 5G and maybe compatibility for additional countries than the iPhone 13. Even while reports of satellite-enabled emergency communication on iPhone 13 haven’t materialised, it may be something to keep Apple eye out for. Apple’s next iPhone, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, might have Wi-Fi 6E connection.


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