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Samsung reveals new Galaxy A phones – and your pocketbook smiles


There will be new Samsung Galaxy A phones in the mid-range price category soon.

image credits: timesofindia

The Galaxy A Series, Samsung’s much-discussed but not-yet-released replacement to its mid-range phones, has finally arrived.

It was announced on Sunday that Samsung would have a product launch event and online-only debut on March 17 at 10 a.m. Eastern Time (ET). The invitation, which depicts a grid of multi-colored and joyful “A”s, eliminates any remaining question that Samsung’s upcoming event would address its more cheap device line.

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung’s forthcoming A Series, a group of phones that retail for hundreds of dollars less than the flagship Galaxy S series by omitting crucial and often coveted features, has not been announced.

In the past, Samsung has sold a lot of phones with slower processors, fewer cameras, and lower-quality screens.

Recent reports, on the other hand, imply that Samsung may take things a step further with the next generation of its Galaxy A Series smartphones. It’s possible that the A Series will have a feature like optical image stabilisation (OIS).


Big displays (6.1-inch and beyond), strong cameras (64MP is not exceptional), and long battery life make A Series phones appealing (up to 5,000 mAh). The Galaxy A42 5G is now available for $299. They tend to cut corners on CPUs, displays, and high-end camera capabilities like strong optical and digital Space zoom.

Will Samsung adopt the Apple path and use the same flagship-class Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 8 processor in all of the Galaxy A Series devices? It’s not only time, price, and models that Samsung is expected to reveal. It is true that we won’t find out until Thursday.

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