Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 may not get a major upgrade


A substantial update to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has been struck down by a new report.

image via android authority

According to a well-known tech researcher, Samsung’s next smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 5, may exclude a much-anticipated health sensor.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo warned on Twitter that Samsung’s ambitions to include a body temperature sensor to the Galaxy Watch 5 might be stymied by “algorithm restrictions” while offering an update on the Apple Watch 8.


Kuo tweeted, “Unlike prior media claims, I suspect Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 in 2H22 may not enable the body temperature monitoring.”

Samsung’s next smartwatch hasn’t leaked much, but one speculation is that it will come equipped with a thermometer to compete with the Apple Watch, which is expected to acquire the same functionality this year.

Kuo’s newest information puts doubt on whether the Apple Watch 8 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will be able to take body temperature readings.


Appearances suggest that accuracy is a problem for both Apple and Samsung. Temperature differences between skin and external elements are considered to be an issue for smartwatches. Even if it’s possible that the Fitbit Sense and the Fitbit Charge 5 aren’t perfect, they seem to have worked it out.

In order for any smartwatch to debut with skin temperature monitoring as a distinguishing feature, the readings or algorithms that enable the readings must continuously provide accurate data.

The best smartwatch of the year competitors may contain a dormant body temperature sensor if software issues can be resolved. The sensor might be turned on or used by the corporations in the future via OS upgrades.


For two of the most anticipated smartwatches of 2022, the sensor may be omitted entirely. Both smartwatches will have to do something unique if that is the case. A new Wear OS upgrade (expected to be unveiled at Google I/O 2022 next week) will likely provide some new capabilities to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, while WWDC 2022 will provide additional information about watchOS 9.

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