OnePlus 10 Pro receives its first update Globally


As you may be aware, OnePlus announced yesterday that the OnePlus 10 Pro would be available outside of China. The initial software upgrade for the worldwide model was released about 24 hours later.

image credits: theverge

In India, the new release is referred to as NE2211 11.A.11, and it’s being rolled out there first. It will be NE2213 11.A.12 in the EU, and the deployment should begin shortly.

The changelog is the same for both markets, with improvements to slow-motion video focusing speed, portrait mode shots, and front camera white balance, as well as an improved fingerprint recognition algorithm that increases unlock success rates, better game performance and fluency, more stable Wi-Fi connections, and improved Wi-Fi overall experience.


It has also been solved a problem with unreliable mobile signal in some situations It may take a few days for this update to be rolled out, as it has in the past. This upgrade, which was only announced a day ago, is likely to be waiting for 99 percent of new owners when they open their new phones.

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