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Kuo: only the iPhone 14 Pro will include the ‘A16’ chip


Ming-Chi Kuo, an incisive Apple analyst, claims that only the iPhone 14 Pro versions would contain the “A16” CPU, while the normal iPhone 14 models will keep the A15 Bionic technology from the iPhone 13.

Kuo: Only iPhone 14 Pro Models to Get 'A16' Chip, Standard Models to Retain A15
image credits: theverge

According to Kuo’s tweet, the 6.1-inch ” iPhone 14 Pro” and the 6.7-inch ” iPhone 14 Pro Max” will receive the A16 processor, while the 6.1-inch ” iPhone 14″ and the 6.7-inch ” iPhone 14 Max” will keep the A15 chip.

There might be a key new point of distinction in this year’s two more cheap iPhone models, which use the same processor as last year’s “Pro” iPhone models. The “Pro” versions may be the first to get a new processor in the future, with the two lower-end iPhone models following a year after that.


If rumours are to believed, all four next iPhone 14 versions will have 6GB of RAM. The base models will have LPDDR 4X RAM, while the Pro variants will have LPDDR 5 RAM.

As of right now, the iPhone 13 small and iPhone 13 have 4GB of memory, while the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have 6GB of memory. The iPhone 12 range has the same prices as the iPhone 12s. The LPDDR 5 memory in the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be up to one and a half times quicker and up to 30 percent more power efficient, according to Kuo’s predictions for the iPhone 14 series.

While Jeff Pu, a research analyst at Haitong International Securities, said that the iPhone 14 Pro versions will have 8GB of RAM, Kuo’s allegation stands in contradiction to that claim. In spite of this, Pu has a shaky track record when it comes to Apple speculation. The 16-inch mini-LED MacBook Pro and iPad Pro models, for example, will be available in 2021, although he was wrong about the arrival of HomePods with 3D sensing cameras in 2019. In light of Kuo’s allegation that Apple will not be releasing an 8GB RAM version of the iPhone, this may cast doubt on the 8GB speculation.


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