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Google Pixel Watch rumors: Release date, price, specs and more


When can we expect to see the Pixel Watch? What is the total cost? What will it accomplish?

Google Pixel Watch and Pixel 6a appear in US carrier
(Image credit: 9to5Google)

Google Pixel Watch, which has been reported for some time, may be on the way. There is a good chance that Google will follow through with a new version of Wear OS that incorporates functionality from both Tizen and Fitbit.

When it comes to smartwatches, the Apple Watch 7, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, and any other top-tier models might be serious competition for the Pixel Watch.


Many patent and acquisition deals in the wearables industry (e.g. Fitbit) indicate that the Pixel Watch will be released at some time in the near future, rather than a question of if. In addition, there are more and more speculations claiming that it is really genuine and may come within a few months.

One of the fastest-growing consumer electronics categories is smartwatches and fitness trackers. The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, as well as the Pixel 6a and Pixel 7 that will be released in the near future, are excellent candidates to serve as an accessory for the company’s Pixel smartphones.

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So, when can we expect to see the Pixel Watch? Moreover, how will it look? What distinguishing characteristics will make this product unique? Google Pixel Watch’s release date, pricing, design, and more are all rumoured here. Our Google in 2022 post is also worth a look.


When will the Google Pixel Watch be available?

According to leaker Jon Prosser’s information, the Google Pixel Watch will be available on May 26, 2022. According to Prosser, who has been spreading rumours about the Pixel Watch for some time, it’s possible the release date may be delayed. The Pixel 6a smartphone has been delayed until July, and Prosser just tweeted that the Pixel Watch may follow suit.

There were a number of putative Pixel Watch renderings posted earlier this month by Jon Prosper, who had previously stated that the gadget will be on sale in October. There was rumours that Google will show its wristwatch during the Pixel 6 launch event, but that didn’t happen.

However, the most recent speculations both point to its arrival this year. Insider, citing a person familiar with the project, indicated that the Google Pixel Watch may ultimately be released in 2022, according to a more comprehensive report.


Rumors about the cost of the Google Pixel Watch

What is the price of the Google Pixel Wear? If we had to estimate, it wouldn’t be as much as an Apple Watch. A few Google Pixel Watch price leaks are hard to come by, but based on our research, we estimate it to be in the mid-price range. We anticipate Google will aim to undercut the $399 starting price of the Apple Watch Series 7 and the $249 starting price of the Galaxy Watch 4, respectively. This is similar to how Samsung’s Galaxy S22 and Apple’s 13 are both more expensive than Google’s Pixel 6 series.

Although it won’t be the cheapest phone on the market, the $200-$350 price range is possible depending on its size and LTE options. If we know anything about Google’s pricing approach in the rest of its hardware group, this is simply a wild guess. However, according to an insider, the watch will cost more than a Fitbit does.

This is the look of Google’s Pixel Watches

In April, Jon Prosser posted a leaked image of what he claims to be the Google Pixel Watch’s design, showing off what seems to be a physical crown and a rounded style.


More recently, the leaker revealed photographs of the Pixel Watch’s marketing materials that seemed to be officially approved by Google. According to the photos, the smartwatch will have a circular face and an edgeless display that curves around the circumference. There seems to be just one crown on the watch’s right-hand side, which appears to be the sole physical control for the watch’s functions.

As a result, the Pixel Watch seems to be a sleek and simple wristwatch in line with the style of previous Pixel products. In the meanwhile, users may personalise their watches with interchangeable bands.

Also, we’ve seen some great concept art in the past. These graphics were created by James Tsai, a Taiwanese designer. With nods to Google’s “Made By Google” products, Tsai came up with a wacky collection of renderings, which he dubbed “milk white” and “sweet papaya,” among other things.


The Pixel Superfans’ virtual colouring book seems to include hints about the Google Pixel Watch’s colour palette. Think pastel versions of classic colours like Just Black, Lemon Pop, Pale Yellow, and Dark Olive.

Rather of using the more humorous Google names, a separate colour leak provides only three colours: black, grey, and gold. It’s conceivable that there are further colours available that will not be offered by this firm, since this originated from a specific U.S. carrier.

The Google Pixel Watch’s technical specifications

Google is working on three Pixel Watch variants, codenamed Ling, Triton, and Sardine, according to WinFuture, a German technology website. Insider’s most current storey, however, refers to the project as “Rohan” inside the company.


These Pixel Watch code names, however, are uncertain as to what they really stand for. Considering the titles, it’s reasonable to assume that the gadgets will be available in a variety of sizes and with a range of features.

The $40 million of Fossil’s smartwatch technology bought last year may be put to use in this way. Google’s acquisition of Fitbit might help another become a top fitness tracker.

That said, a recent storey from ET News claims that Google has placed a substantial order with Samsung for sensors that detect body movement. There is a good chance that the Pixel Watch will include these features, along with Qualcomm’s newest wristwatch processor and reports of internal storage and LTE connection.


Wear OS for the Google Pixel Watch

Google’s Wear OS software will be included in the Pixel Watch, which comes as no surprise. Nevertheless, what new features or enhancements may be included to improve the software?

Continuous heart rate tracking, contactless purchases with Google Pay, hands-free Google Assistant access, and a smartwatch shop all feature prominently on third-party Wear OS smartwatches from TicWatch and Fossil. However, the current, more improved Wear OS version works well on Galaxy Watch 4 despite these capabilities’ previous shortcomings.

A clearer idea of what Wear OS sans Samsung’s own integrated UI will look like when new Wear OS-eligible smartwatches are upgraded early in 2022


However, according to Insider’s claim, basic capabilities like step tracking and heart rate monitoring will be included in the Pixel Watch. Fitbit integration with Wear OS is purportedly dubbed “Nightlight” after Google’s purchase of the wearable tech company.

(Image credit: 9to5Google)

Google Pixel Watch might incorporate Fitbit fitness monitoring across several watch faces, according to a second report from 9to5Google. In the Wear OS 3 video, one of the watch faces includes the Fitbit logo with a running count of the number of steps climbed and the number of calories burnt.

It is safe to say that Google’s software is always improving and developing. Wear OS is a favourite of one of our writers, and he’s had some suggestions for Google about what he’d want to see in a Pixel Watch.


Apple Watch vs. Google Pixel Watch: What You Need to Know

In order to defeat the Apple Watch at its own game, Google will have to put in a lot of time and effort into the Google Pixel Watch. An excellent Wear OS experience that is easy to use and has a large variety of useful applications is required. Google would also need to exploit Google Assistant and its benefits over Siri directly on your wrist while providing seamless connectivity with other Google services such as Gmail, Google Photos, and Google calendar.

A fitness tracker that can compete with the Apple Watch’s sensors and exercise tracking will need the Pixel Watch to expand on its recent purchase of Fitbit. Fitbit’s Active Zone Minutes and Daily Readiness Score are two of the best features.

Not to mention a lower price point and a better battery life than the Apple Watch for the Pixel Watch to succeed. Source


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