Apple Watch 8 — what we know and what we expect


Here are the most recent Apple Watch 8 leaks and speculations, as well as the most anticipated features.

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Watch 8 may include additional features or various variants compared to Apple Watch 7, which is anticipated to release in the autumn.

Every year after the first release of the finest smartwatch, Apple has unveiled a new version. Since the Apple Watch 7 was released in September, it’s possible that the corporation is working on a successor. Not as many leaks as with the iPhone 14, but speculations and hints are beginning to circulate.


As far as we know, Apple may still be working on a flat-edged Apple Watch 7 design. The hardware differences between the Apple Watch 7 and Apple Watch 6 may allow for the inclusion of a new health sensor in the Apple Watch 8.

These early Apple Watch 8 rumours (as well as watchOS 9 rumours) are worth keeping an eye on if you’re intrigued about what’s next. Bookmark this page for the most up-to-current information on the likely pricing and release date of the next Apple Watch 8 along with the anticipated features.

The release date and pricing of the Apple Watch 8

The Apple Watch 8 has yet to be given a release date. While we’re expecting to see a new Apple Watch in September 2022, based on recent introductions,

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Similarly, there is no information on the Apple Watch 8’s cost at this time. However, we estimate the pricing of the Apple Watch 8 to be the same as the price of the Apple Watch 7 for the foreseeable future. Starts at $399 for the smaller version of the Apple Watch 7 (41mm) and goes up to $499 with cellular connection in the bigger version (45mm).

An Apple Watch 8 reimagining

With the Apple Watch 7, Apple altered the classic squircle’s shape to fit bigger screens in a more curved frame, but the watch’s design has stayed mostly identical since its introduction in 2016.

Rumors about the upcoming Apple Watch 8 have begun to circulate, despite the fact that it is still early in the process. An purported render picture of the Apple Watch has been released. It’s impossible for us to confirm the authenticity of this picture, but if it’s correct, the Apple Watch 8 won’t look much different from the Apple Watch 7.


However, assuming the Series 7 enhancements are true, the Apple Watch 8 might adopt the modern, flat-edged iPhone design language. When leaker Jon Prosser posted a series of renderings earlier this year, speculation about an Apple Watch with a flat face began to grow. By claiming his sources may have sent over information about a different future Apple Watch, not definitely the Apple Watch 7, Prosser put some distance between the new design and the Apple Watch 7.

Apple Watch 7 is expected to have a redesigned flat-edged design, according to renderings released ahead of the company’s launch. Shared by 91Mobiles, the CAD renderings hint to an all-flat design, including the display.

Is Apple poised to make a sudden turn from its curviest Apple Watch to its most angular?


Reported characteristics of the upcoming Apple Watch 8

According to Mark Gurman in an episode of Power Up from January, the Apple Watch 8 may not have any additional health-tracking sensors over the Apple Watch 7. Gurman followed up this allegation in April by reporting that blood pressure reading is now scheduled for the 2024 Apple Watch, while blood glucose readings are much farther down Apple’s smartwatch roadmap..

According to Gurman’s most recent comments, the Apple Watch 8 will be able to measure your skin’s temperature, but not in the manner you would have thought. Initially, skin temperature could be utilised to provide information about fertility. Perhaps wrist-based temperature monitoring will be added in the future.

Since the Apple Watch 7 was introduced in the autumn, we think that the 2022 model will have internal enhancements as a result. The future will tell.


Rugged Apple Watch, Apple Watch SE 2

There is a possibility that the Apple Watch 8 is accompanied by a less priced version of the Apple Watch SE, which would be two years old by September of 2017. Our guide to the expected Apple Wearable SE 2 has all the information you need about the suspected mid-range watch.

Gurman predicts that an upgraded activity tracking chip and a redesigned SE or tough watch might accompany the release of the next-generation Apple Watch 8. The Apple Watch SE 2 might begin at $279 with upgraded specifications compared to the current best Apple Watch for people on a tight budget.

Apple is also said to be working on a tougher watch for those who like outdoor activities. In order to become one of the top sports watches, the battery life and GPS capabilities must be excellent. Rumors about a rugged Apple Watch surfaced much before the official unveiling of the Apple Watch 7.


This is what we would want to see on the Apple Watch 8:

The Apple Watch has been touted for 18 hours of battery life for many years. A daily charge is still required, even though the firm has added additional capabilities like an always-on display. In comparison to previous-generation models, the Apple Watch 8’s endurance may have improved with a bigger battery and a more efficient chipset. However, this is what we aim for every year. Even the Apple Watch 7 was tipped for a huge battery life boost, but it didn’t happen.

Bloomberg claims that Apple is developing a skin-temperature sensor similar to the Fitbit Sense. According to the Wall Street Journal, a temperature sensor in the Apple Watch would be required for this feature, which is expected to arrive in 2022. It’s likely that the watch’s capacity to take temperature readings may be marketed as a reproductive planning function. In Mark Gurman’s opinion, this is still conceivable.

Long speculated is an Apple Watch blood glucose reader feature, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. The Wall Street Journal story referencing skin temperature readings also reveals that Apple wants its wristwatch to be able to identify or monitor diabetes. However, Apple is apparently looking on noninvasive methods to collect blood glucose readings. Third-party apps currently work with an implantable pump. DigiTimes reports that Apple is working with its suppliers to develop short-wavelength infrared sensors that can detect the quantity of sugar in a user’s blood.


Rumors about a blood pressure sensor for the Apple Watch originated a long time ago, much as blood glucose reading. Health sensors were expected to be announced ahead of the iPhone 7 launch, but they didn’t materialise. A blood pressure monitor included inside the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 3 is still awaiting FDA certification, as we’ve seen. To obtain blood pressure monitoring on the Apple Watch, you’ll need to acquire the required certifications for use in the United States first.

Rumors have speculated that the Apple Watch may convert from an OLED display to a microLED screen. It may allow for a more compact and energy-efficient Apple Watch. In contrast to typical OLED panels, microLED displays are brighter and don’t suffer from luminance decay. To put it another way, the Apple Watch’s battery life might be extended by employing micro-LED screen technology, which now stands at only 18 hours.

Touch ID: The current biometric mechanism for the Apple Watch is rather straightforward. Every time you put your Apple Watch on your wrist, you’ll have to enter your passcode. If your smartwatch contains sensitive information, we’d want to see additional protection. TouchID seems to be the answer until Apple adds a native selfie camera to the Apple Watch for FaceID. Alternatively, a fingerprint sensor might be included into the side button or perhaps the display of the Apple Watch.


We’d want the Apple Watch to come in even bigger sizes, despite the fact that the Apple Watch 7 increased from 40mm and 44mm to 41mm and 45mm (as verified by Apple Watch bands featured on Apple’s website). Miniaturized user experiences are great for snippets, but productivity suffers because of the existing sizes. Making the Apple Watch a few millimetres larger may not seem like much, but it might allow the firm to include better microphones and speakers, or even a more powerful CPU.

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