Snapchat introduces a selfie camera that follows you everywhere


This is a self-portrait camera that can fly around your head and follow you around.

A social media giant has created a selfie camera – that can fly around your head and follow you around.

“Your friendly flying camera” has been dubbed “Pixy” by Snapchat, the messaging app recognised for its messaging features.

In addition to floating, circling, and following where you point it, the $229.99 gadget can lift off from your palm and fly in four different directions.


“We initially launched Snapchat as a new way to utilise the Camera for self-expression and communication,” the American firm revealed on Thursday (28 April) during the launch. Sharing your point of view has never been easier, thanks to the abundance of eyewear options available, ranging from simple contact lenses to elaborate spectacles. This day, we’re bringing the Snap Camera to even greater heights.”

With its “pocket-sized, free flying partner that’s ideal for excursions large and little,” the company says Pixy returns to your palm, landing softly at the conclusion of its trip.

Pixy is a flying camera that brings the spontaneity and delight of Snapchat to a whole new level with a flying camera called Snap.


When using Snapchat, Pixy is a good buddy. Snapchat Memories may be used to save videos taken during flights. After that, you may utilise Snapchat’s editing features, such as Lenses and Sounds, to make your photos and videos stand out.

“With a few clicks, you can immediately crop into portrait mode and apply rapid Smart Edits, such as Hyperspeed, Bounce, Orbit 3D, and Jump Cut. Finally, share it on social media platforms like Chat, Stories, Spotlight, and more.”

Pixy is presently only available for purchase in the United States and France, sadly for UK social network users.


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