AirTags just get that anti-stalking firmware update


In the first in a series of anti-stalking updates, Apple released the first.

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AirTags may now be found more easily, which is a good thing.

Apple is making AirTags louder and easier to find with software release 1.0.301.


This functionality may only be downloaded and used on iOS 14.5 or later. This automated firmware upgrade should have have taken place if you have the latest version of the software.

By accessing the Items page in the Find My app, it is possible to verify whether or not you have the correct firmware installed. You’ll know whether you have the updated firmware by tapping on AirTag. It’s possible that you won’t receive the AirTag modification until later, since Apple has said that the firmware upgrade will be sent out again at some point in the future, so don’t worry!

Only use AirTags if your iPhone’s Bluetooth signal can be received within 33 feet of the AirTags.


A difficulty with stalking

Following the discovery that AirTags were being used to follow individuals, the company has released a number of updates to its software. The louder sound is intended to aid in the detection of unidentified AirTags.

The AirTags in and of itself are a cool gadget. A excellent technique to track down misplaced stuff, but a few unscrupulous individuals had to spoil it for everyone else. Modified AirTags were discovered to be on the market in February 2022 that had their safety functions deactivated.

The good news is that Apple was fast to notice and fix this obvious mistake. Law enforcement officials have been working with the firm on AirTag abuse and the corporation has put forth a roadmap for future modifications.


It’s been a long time coming, but the changes have finally arrived.

Future revisions are planned.

The first of four changes is to increase the volume of the AirTag. Apple is working to improve its unwelcome tracking warning system so that users are alerted sooner if they have an unfamiliar AirTag on them.

An indication of this appeared during AirTag setup if you were in the iOS 15.4 beta. The warning said that using these devices to stalk is unlawful.


In addition, Precision Finding and display alerts are expected to get improvements, although the specifics of these modifications are currently unclear. When it comes to the release date, Apple hasn’t mentioned anything other than that it will be sometime in 2022.

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