Battery details of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4’s leaks


This year’s Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is expected to feature the same battery capacity as the Galaxy Z Flip3 that was released in November. GalaxyClub believes that the Galaxy Z Flip4 will have a little bigger battery, despite previous reports to the contrary.

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4 (SM-F721), according to the newspaper, will have two batteries, with model numbers EB-BF721ABY and EB-BF722ABY on the packaging. In Samsung’s internal terminology, the “sub battery” has a capacity of 2,400 mAh, while the “main battery” has a capacity of 903 mAh, making it the bigger one.

For the Flip4’s normal battery size, this means it will have a total capacity of 3,303 mAh, which is 103 mAh greater than the Galaxy Z Flip3’s total capacity (Flip3 is 3,300 mAh).


While this is an increase, it’s unclear how much more battery life Samsung will be able to squeeze out of the Galaxy Z Flip3, which we tested and found to have an endurance rating of 69 hours.

Despite the fact that the Galaxy Z Flip4’s formal launch is still months away, you can expect to learn more about it in the coming months.


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