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Benchmarks suggest iPhone SE 3 meets iPhone 13 performance


Apple’s iPhone SE 3 has been seen on Geekbench, and it seems to be rather impressive.


Apple made it plain during its Peek Performance event last week that the future iPhone SE 3 will use the same A15 Bionic processor as the iPhone 13 in a more affordable package.

There are already Geekbench results for the phone, so the business wasn’t exaggerating. Apple’s new iPhone SE has been listed on Geekbench as the ‘iPhone 14,6’ with a single-core score of 1,695 and a multi-core score of 4,021. For comparison, the iPhone 13’s average performance is 1,673 and 4,483 for the two scores, respectively.


It may sound better, but you’re unlikely to notice the difference in everyday usage, and it’s based on a large number of devices, rather than a single sample. Alternatively, it’s possible that we’re even closer.

According to the listing, Apple has increased the amount of RAM in the iPhone SE 3 to 4GB: 1GB more than the previous generation and equal to the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 Pro, on the other hand, receives 6GB of RAM but retains the A15 processor.

A new sort of mid-ranger

For consumers, this is a huge boon. Benchmark results show that the A15 Bionic is much superior to the most competent Qualcomm counterpart (likely in part due to Apple building both the hardware and software). If you’re looking for the greatest inexpensive phone, you’ll have a tough time beating this one.


It stands out from other mid-range phone companies’ offerings. The Snapdragon 765G in the $449 Google Pixel 5a is a good example of a mid-range chip. It’s a good CPU, but it can’t compete with Qualcomm’s or Apple’s high-end processors, which might explain why the Pixel 6a is expected to employ Google’s own Tensor chip instead.

For the iPhone SE to stay at a reasonable cost, Apple needs to slash somewhere else. Since it’s the same shell as the iPhone 8, we can assume that the design is half a decade old and the camera performance won’t be on level with the greatest camera phones.

There is no arguing that Apple is delivering a tremendous service to consumers who desire an iPhone but cannot pay the hefty price of entry for premium models. We’ll have a complete review up shortly.


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