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Another time AirTag helps Portland police catch robber


It wasn’t long until a hotel guest called the police to report that someone had broken into his room and stolen his belongings, including a distinctive rucksack that had an Apple AirTag connected to it.

After stealing a rucksack with an AirTag attached, an armed robber in Portland was traced down and captured by police.

According to Katu 2 ABC, a robber brandished a gun and demanded money from a shop on Thursday at 12:40 p.m. As soon as the thief realised there was no money in the cash drawer, he fled with a cell phone and wallet, which the police used to track him to a nearby hotel.


Around 5 p.m., the suspect returned to the hotel after first entering and then leaving. A fire alarm was activated and the suspects fled through a fire escape, according to witnesses. After breaking into a hotel room and stealing a backpack that had an AirTag attached, the suspect committed a costly mistake.

A short time later, a hotel guest reported to authorities that someone had come into his room and stolen many goods, among them a bag with an Apple AirTag attached to its straps.

Using the AirTag, police were able to trace the man to North Portland, where he was apprehended after a foot chase later in the day.


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